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Avitech AviCal Plus

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  • Avi-Cal Plus Parrot Calcium
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 Product Description

Avitech AviCal Plus Parrot Calcium 

For birds, calcium is essential to healthy bones, strong beaks and nails and hard egg shells. Avitech AviCal Plus is a calcium supplement for parrots that provides an optimal dose of calcium plus vitamin D for absorption. This Avitech nutrition product also includes an array of other vitamins and minerals to support bone, beak and nail health in birds.

Do not add calcium supplement to hand feeding formula for baby birds.

Sprinkle lightly over fruit, vegetables, greens and/or seed.

Analysis (per 1000 mg)
Dicalcium Phosphate ... 757.58 mg 
Magnesium Oxide ... 123.153 mg 
Maltodextrin ... 64.962 mg 
Ascorbic Acid (USP-FCC) Vit. C ... 13 mg
Vit E acetate (500 IU/g) ... 11.5 mg 
Biotin 1% Trit (USP) ... 6 mg 
Niacinamide Vit B4 ... 3.67 mg 
Potassium Iodide 1% Trit ... 3.595 mg 
Zinc Oxide ... 3.32 mg 
Reduced Iron ... 3.31 mg Vit. A Acetate (325,000 IU/g) ... 3.08 mg 
Copper Gluconate ... 2.5 mg 
D-Calcium Pantothenate (USP) Vit B5 ... 2.11 mg 
Vit D3 100 sd ... 0.87 mg 
Pyridoxine HD Vit B6 ... 0.47 mg 
Vit B2 Riboflavin ... 0.33 mg 
Thiamine Mononitrate Vit B1 ... 0.32 mg 
Vit B12 1% Mt (USP) ... 0.13 mg 
Folic Acid (90%) Vit B9 ... 0.1 mg

 Product Reviews

  1. If you have birds this is a must-have!

    Posted by UrbanUtahMicroFarmer on 30th May 2016

    We have been using Avi-Cal Plus for years. First, for our African Gray parrot and now for our 4 laying hens. Our exotic Vet actually recommended the product initially. The company's product line is phenomenal. I add this to our parrot's food mix that we custom blend using a variety of feed mixes. Her food is mixed in a big 2 gal food grade plastic bucket with a tight lid. Once the food is mixed together we add the appropriate amount of Avi-Cal Plus to the mix and blend well so everything is lightly coated with the powder. Recently we inherited 4 laying hens and were having issues with thin egg shells despite giving them crushed egg shells and oyster shells daily. I decided to use the Avi-Cal Plus in their morning treat blend, adding the appropriate amount of Avi-Cal Plus to the mix. Not only are the shells GREATLY improved, but the hens look great too!

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