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Bird Breeders California

Bird Breeders California


Bird Breeders Parrot Breeders California

List of parrot breeders in Colorado.

I beleive buying from a breeder is always best. Please Like Us Facebook if this helped find your next bestfriend.

This is only a list it is up to you to find the right baby & the right breeder. I do not recommend buying a unweaned babies or shipping.

List of species African Grey Parrot, Amazon Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Quaker Parrots, Senegal Parrots.

Macaws - Blue And Gold Macaw, Hahns Macaw, Hyacinth Macaw,Scarlet Macaw
Conures - Blue Crown Conure, Green Cheek Conure, Nanday Conure, Sun Conures
Cockatoos -Goffin Cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoo ,Umbrella Cockatoo
Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Budgies.





Breeder of: Most all Parakeets,Pennants,Neophemas,Rosellas,Caiques,Pionus,Eclectus(Red Sided) African Greys, Red Bellied, Meyers, Senegals,Cockatoos, Conures, Lovebirds,Finches

Eva Rosen

City: Encinitas 


Aracaris Aviaries -
Phone: 805-432-6737
City: Agoura Hills
Breeds: Mutation green cheek conures, cherry headed conure, white eyed conure, hahns macaws, collared aracaris, guyana toucanet, Dbl Yellow headed amazon, Yellow shouldered amazon, Bearded Barbets
Ships? Yes

Arunski, Mary
Phone: 619-464-3842
City: San Diego
Breeds: Picta Painted Conure
Ships? Yes

Bird Heaven Aviaries -
Phone: 559 681 2798
City: Fresno/Selma
Breeds: Greenwing, Scarlet, Military, Blue & Gold, Hahns, Noble, Illiger, Severe & Yellow Collar Macaws, Yellow Nape, Blue Front, Festive Bodini, Blue Crown Mealy, Red Lored & Spectacle Amazons, Ducorps, Rose Breasted, Mollucan, Goffins & Umbrella Cockatoo's. Blue Head Pionus, White Bellied Caiques, Timneh & Congo Greys, Halfmoon, Maroon Bellied, Peach Front & Sun Conures, Green Cheek Conures & Mutation Green Cheeks, Senegals, Meyers, Red Bellied parrots, Plumhead & African Ringnecks. Cockatiels, Parrotlets & Lovebirds.
Ships? Yes

Carlstrom, Kris -
Phone: 858-752-0394
City: Vista
Breeds: Conure, Congo, Indian Ring Necks
Ships? No

Color On The Wing Aviary -
Phone: 650-315-6227
City: Sunnyvale
Breeds: Rose Breasted Cockatoos,Umbrella Cockatoos Show Quality and Rare Cockatiels,White Cap and Maxi Pionus

Conder, Pete -
Phone: 831-476-3176
City: Soquel
Breeds: Scarlet Macaws, Blue and Gold Macaws
Ships? Unknown

Damian, Mark -
Phone: (707) 301-9499
City: Vallejo
Breeds: Peachfaced Lovebirds
Ships? No

Golden Gate Linnies -
Phone: 415-508-9401
City: San Francisco
Breeds: Lineolated Parakeets - Linnies
Ships? Yes

Eggs-otic Parroting -
Phone: 530-644-1846
City: Camino
Breeds: Eclectus, Cockatoos, Hawk-headed Parrots, Caiques, Amazons, Greys
Ships? Yes

Feather Tree
Phone: 562 429-1892
City: Los Angeles
Breeds: New mutation conures
Ships? Yes

Hollingshead, John & Cindy
Phone: 760-742-2002
City: Escondido
Breeds: African Greys(Congo), Amazons, Blue and Gold Macaws, Red Fronted Macaws
Ships? Yes

Huckaby, Debra -
Phone: 925-682-8145
City: Concord
Breeds: Peach Face Lovebirds & Pacific Parrotlets
Ships? No

Johnston, D -
City: Fresno
Breeds: African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo, Macaw, Eclectus, Pionus, Conure, Senegal, Meyers, Cockatiel, Parakeet, Lovebird, Parrotlet
Ships? Yes

Kovacs, Roz -
Phone: 619-708-0663
City: San Diego
Breeds: jenday conure, sun conure, parrotlet, indian ringneck, bourke parakeet, african grey, canary winged / white winged parakeet, cockatiel, eastern rosella
Ships? Yes

Nelson, Janet -
Phone: 530-644-2801
City: Placerville
Breeds: Blue & Gold and Hahn's Macaw, Umbrella Cockatoo; Eclectus; African Grey; Maximillian and White Cap Pionus; Derbyan Parakeet; Yellow Nape, Lilac Crown, Double Yellow Head and Blue Front Amazons; Princess Of Wales Parakeet; Blue Crown, Jenday & Green Cheek and Green Cheek mutation Conures
Ships? Yes

Scheiber, Kathy -
Phone: 925 689-7662
City: Concord
Breeds: Lineolated Parakeets, Rosey and Rosey Bourke Parakeets, Pastel Bourke Parakeets, Rainbow Bourke Parakeets and Green Cheeked Conures, White-Earred Conures
Ships? No

Weisenborn, Scott -
Phone: 559-627-6132
City: Visalia
Breeds: Conures, cockatoos, macaws, amazons, greys
Ships? Yes 

AAA Birds - ships
Green Cheek Conures
N Hollywood, CA.

Abba Dabba Birds - ships
Macaws, Eclectus, Patagonians, Princess of Wales, Rock Pebbler.
Visalia, CA

AJ Parrotlets - Long Beach, Ca
Long Beach, CA

Angie's Lovebirds - ships
Abany, CA.

Anza's Australian Beauties - ships
Anza, CA

April's Ark – ships
Military and Scarlet Macaws, Golden Conures, African Greys, Senegals, Caiques and soon Illigers Macaws.
Lake Elsinore, CA

Aracaris / Somis Aviaries - ships
Africans, Amazons, Lovebirds, Cockatoos and finches .
Somis, CA

Ashley's Breeding Africans - ships
Cameroon African Greys / Large Silver / Highest Quality
Pasadena, CA

Aussie Mutations & Company
Australian & Other Popular Parakeet Mutations .
Cerritos, CA.

Autumn Moon - ships
Dusky Lories
San Diego (ramona), CA.

Aves International - ships
Congo & Timneh African Greys, DYH, YH, YN and Panama Amazons, Caiques, Ducorps, Goffins, Umbrella and Rosebreasted Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Greencheek and Sun Conures, Eclectus, Macaws Blue&Golds Scarlets Greenwings Hahns Nobles, Pionus, Senegals, Meyers and Jardines.
Palos Verdes, CA
(310) 541-1180

Avian Adventures Aviary - ships
Macaws and cockatoos
Novato, CA.

Avian Avenue - ships
Amazons: Double Yellow Head, Blue Front, Red-Lored. Senegals
Santa Clarita, CA.

B/C Aviculture - ships
Pacific Parrotlets
Berkeley, CA

B & C Fantasy Feathers
Senegals, green checked conures & lovebirds of various colors.
Anza, CA

Babyblue Aviary - ships
Greenwing Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Blue & Gold Macaws, Hahns Mini Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos, Congo African Greys, Solomon Island Eclectus and Blue Front AmazonsEmail:
Winters, CA

The Beak - ships
Amazons - Panamas, Mealys, Bluefronts; Macaws - Severes, Hahns, Blue and Golds; Cockatoos - Umbrellas, Goffins, Bare Eyeds; African Greys; Indian Ringneck mutations (babies and breeders); Cockatiels, Rosellas.
Alpine, CA

Bird Bungalow
Gouldian, and Shaftail Finches
Whittier, CA.

Bird in the Hand - ships
Hyacinth Macaws.
Ojai, CA.

Birdladys Babes - ships
Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos and Macaws.
Atascadero, CA

Birds 2 Pet - ships
Cockatoo: blue eyed, Ducorps, Gang-gang, Moluccan, Rosies, Macaws-Red-fronted, greenwing & Hyacinth, Conures- Crimsonbellied, Roseifron, Painted & Sun, Hawkheaded. DNA sexed, microchipped, health warrantee
Redwood Estates, CA.

Blackstone Aviaries - ships
We specialize in Hyacinth & Red Front Macaws. Also Blue & Golds & Hahn's. Blue Fronted, Yellow Crown and Lilac Crown Amazons.
Escondido, CA.

Blue Parrot Exotic Birds
Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Golden Mantled Rosellas, Macaws, Amazons, Budgies, Lovebirds,
Anza, CA

Bracken Ridge Ranch
Button Quail
Grass Valley, CA.

Breeder Of Exotic Birds
Scarlet macaw, African grey, love bird, parakeet, and red rump.
Email; .
San francisco, CA

Breezysbirds - ships
Bronze Wing Pionus and Blue Head Pionus
Irvine, CA.

Brooder Box - ships
Breeder of Blue & Gold, Scarlet, Blue Throated Caninde Macaws, Congo Greys

Buuzbee's Birds
Budgies, Bourkes, Parrotlets & Conures
West Hills, CA

Catherine's Critters
Cockatoos: umbrellas, goffins, bareeyeds, rosebreasteds, citrons, tritons. African Greys congo, timnehs. Eclectus grands, redsideds. Amazons lilaccrowneds, redheadeds. Cockatiels, Finches: society, zebra, black cheek, Senegals, Rosellas.
San Diego, CA

Central Coast Birds
Australian Finches: Lady Gouldians, Owls, Stars. And Breeder of Australian Grass Parakeets: Rosy Bourkes, Turquoisines, Scarlet-Chested Parakeets
Arroyo Grande, CA

Cherokee Aviaries - ships
African Greys, Amazons, Budgies, Caiques, Canaries, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Finches, Jardines, Kakarikis, Lories, etc.
Los Angeles, CA

Circo Aves Ranch - ships
Red fronted macaws, conures (goldens, suns, blue crowns, souance, & green cheek), greys, eclectus, goffins cockatoos and indian ringnecks (blues & normals).
San Diego, CA

CND Aviaries - ships
Parrotlets, Lady Gouldians and Society Finches
Hercules, CA

Cockatoo-dle-doo Aviary - ships
Cockatoos-seven species, macaws-two species, vos maeri eclectus, and toucans.
Trona, CA.

CR Aviary
Home Raised Cockatiels
Concord, CA.

Cuttlebone Plus - ships
Swainson’s lorikeets, Yellow-streaked lories, Mynahs, Plovers, Kookaburras, Trumpeter Hornbills.
Fallbrook, CA.

D & S Exotics
We breed lots of CONURES (Green Cheeks, Dusky, Aztec, Half Moon and Peach Fronts. Cockatiels (pied, pearl, normal, cinamon and lutinos. White face mutaions and ALBINO Timneh African Greys.
Palmdale, CA

Daugherty Aviaries - ships
African Greys-Congo & Timneh, Caiques, Capes, Cockatiels, Conures-Blue Crown & Halfmoon, Hawk Headed, Jardines, Meyers, Moluccan Cockatoo, Senegals, Pionus- Blue Head, Bronze Wing & Dusky.
530- 626-1031
Davis Lund Aviaries – ships
Turacos, hornbills, mousebirds (Speckled, Red-Faced, Blue-Naped), tanagers, crakes, plovers, bulbuls, pekin robins, and more.
Sacramento, CA, USA.

DeBird - ships
Senegals,meyers, brownheadeds, redbellieds. African greys congos. Cockatiels whitefaced. Parrotlets. Lovebirds American yellow, violet pied. Alexandrines
San Diego, CA

Deb's Pocket Parrots
Peachface lovebirds and Pacific Parrotlets. Proffesional color breeder.
Concord, CA

Deer Creek Aviaries - ships
Cockatoos, triton, moluccan, umbrella, medium sulphur, goffin, citron, bare eyed African grey congo, timnah. Lories green nape, swainson, dusky, red lory Indian ring neck parakeets blue split to albino. Sengals. Princess of wales Ectectus solomon island. Lovebirds. Pacific parrotlets Rosellas mealy
Paso Robles, CA.

Doggett's Eclectic Parrots
African Grey and Eclectus Babies
Livermore, CA

Donna's Babies
Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks and African Greys.
Simi Valley, CA.

Dorothy's Exotic Birds - ships
Macaws, Greys, Cockatoo Goffins and Amazons

Eclectusville & Rosie Ranch - ships
Specializing in Vosmarie, Red sided and Solomon Islands Eclectus babies and Rose-breasted cockatoos babies
Morro Bay, CA.

Eggs-otic Parroting - ships
Cockatoo, Rose-breasted Greater Sulphur-crested Macaw , Hawk-headed Parrot Eclectus Caique African Greys Pionus Philippine Blue-naped Parrot Mullers Amazon Senegal. We have been involved in aviculture for nearly 30 years. All of our established breeding pairs have been tested for various diseases .
Camino, CA.

The Elegant Pet - ships
Bluefronted Amazons, African Greys, Conures, Senegals, Blue-headed Pionus, Mini Mcaws Hawk-head Parrots, Meyers Parrots, Parrotlets
Modesto, CA.

EMR Exotic Bird Breeder - ships
Australian keets, all species of conures, prt'lets,So CA
Encinitas, CA

Enchanted Aviaries
Macaws - blue&golds, greenwings, severes. Peachfaced lovebirds and sun conures
Atascadero, CA

Exotic Parrotlets
Sacramento, CA

F&B Birds
Souance ,greencheek , yellow side conures

Hahn's macaws and Greencheeks
Fairfield, CA.

FayeBird - ships
Congo African Grey, Lesser Jardine's, Greater Jardine's, Cape Parrot, Meyer's,
Long Beach, CA

Feather Buddies Aviary
Scarlet Chested Parakeets, American and English Parakeets (Budgies), Gloster Canaries, Zebra Finches and Lovebird
Fremont, CA.

Feather Palette - ships
African & Timneh greys, Lineolated Parakeets, and rare mutation cockatiels.
So California, CA

Feathered Concepts – ships
Caiques, Mini Macaws, S I Eclectus, and Pyrrhura's Conures
Yreka, CA

Feathered Nest Aviary - ships
Hyacinth Macaws, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, Pacific Parrotlets, Black Headed Caiques, Queen of Bavaria Conures, Eclectus & Congo African Grey Parrots. Small aviary in Northern California. Good homes wanted for lovable babies.
Dublin, CA.

Finned and Feathered Pets
Blue and gold macaws, Green cheek conures, and tiels
Martinez, CA

Flightsoffinches - ships
Red Bellies and Myers For Sale (Breeders 3-5yrs.) DNA Sexed 400.00pr.

Fowl Pirates' Treasures - ships
Australian Grasskeets
Torrance, CA.

Fox's Feather Farm - ships
African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Macaws, Hyacinths, Indian Ringnecks, Pionus, Princess of Wales, Senegals.
Watsonville, CA.

From Our Nest To Yours - ships
Caiques, Eclectus, goffins cockatoos Bronze wing Pionous, Patagonia Conures, Greenwing Macaws and Philippine Blue Napes.
Sacramento, CA.

Gold Feather Avian Ranch - ships
Conures, congo and timneh greys, blue and gold, and severe macaws, umbrella cockatoos, Blue front and yellownapeds amazons.
Ramona, CA.

Gouldian Finches Plus - ships
Gouldians, Owls, and other exotic Finches
Riverside, CA

GouldianFinchCentral com - ships
Lady Gouldian Finches
Alhambra, CA

Green Cheek Mutations Aviary - ships
Green Cheek Mutations: Turquoise, Cinnamon, Yellowside, Pineapple, Pineapple Turquoise, Cinnamon Turquoise, Yellowside Turquoise various splits, and Vorens Black Caps.
Email .
Agoura, CA

Green Earth Designs Aviaries
Princess of wales, Barraband, Rock Pebbler, Red Rump, Scarlet chested, Yellow Turqoisene, Rosy Bourke, Elegant, White Bellied Caique, Meyers, Sengals, Green Cheek Conyer Visalia
Visalia, CA.

Green Valley Bird Farm of Calif. - ships
Cockatiels Regular, White Face, Yellow Cheek, W/F Silvers
Email: CA95472@AOL.COM

Hanging Parrots - ships
Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot Breeder
San Diego, CA

Heaven's Birds – ships
African Greys congo timneh and camaroon, Hahns, illigers and yellowcollared Macaws, peachfaced, greencheek, sun and painted conures. Cockatiels including Pastel Face, Senegals and 5 species of Long Tailed Grass Parakeet including Moustached and Derbyan

HM Exotic Birds - ships
Gouldian Fiches & Pacific Parrotlets
San Jose, CA

Hotspot For Birds - ships
African Greys, Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Toucans, Kookaburras, Eclectus, and more. Inventory changes frequently.
Los Angeles, CA.

Hoyle Aviaries - ships
American parakeets, English budgies
San Jose, CA

Itinerant Peddler Aviary - ships
Green Nape Lories, Yellow Bib Lories, Duyvenbode Lories, Maxi Pionus, White Cap Pionus, Sun Conures, Green Cheek conures Blue Front Amazons Meyers Parrots and Cockatiels
Madera, CA

J & L Aviarie - ships

Jan's Birds 'n' Things
Parrotlet Mutations, Yellowface and Whiteface Cockatiels, English Budgies
San Diego, CA.

Jeanne's Singing Canaries - ships
Colorbred Canaries
Auburn, CA (Northern).

JEM Aviary - ships
Button quails, lady gouldians, canaries, cordon bleu, lovebirds
Santa Barbara, CA

Jessica's Birds
Cockatiels and Sun Conures
Davis, CA.

Jodi's Exotic Birds - ships
B&G Macaws, Congos, Timneh's, Senegals, Red-Bellies, Meyer's, Jardine's, Capes, Suns & White-Ear Conures
Riverside, CA.

Kawishiwi Aviary - ships
Indian Ringneck Mutations
Sacramento, CA

Kings Exotic Birds - ships
Doves, Peacock Pheasants, Tinamous, & other varities
Email: Brawley, Imperial, CA.

Kirby Aviaries - ships
Bakersfield, CA

Kocamo's Exotic Birds - ships
Blue & Gold, Scarlets, Greenwings, Catalina's Big
Laguna Hills, CA.

Krazy Kritters – ships
Amazons, Conures, Cockatoos, Pionus, Severes, Moustash & Alexandrines, African Greys, Senegal & Meyers Parrots.

L and L Exotics
Australian keets & their mutations
Buena Park, CA

La Casa del Canto - ships
Spanish Timbrados
(925) 706-1134

Lady Gouldians
Gouldians Finches
Los Angeles, CA.

Laurel's Birds
Australian finches & Grass Parakeets
Arroyo Grande, CA.

Lima's Exotic Birds - ships
Woodland Hills, CA
(818)-703-1112  Lisa's Lovies

Lori's Birds
We raise Rosie Bourkes and Scarlet Chested Grasskeets.
Email: Arnold, CA.

Lovebird Inn
Peachfaced, Bluemasked and W/F Bluemasked lovies,IRN's,B/G macaws
Riverside County,
Temecula, CA.

Love Birds by Maggie
Bird Breeder
Ventura, CA

Lovely Parrots
Indian Ringnecks, Umbrella Cockatoos, RS Eclectus, Alexandrine, Yellow Collared Macaws, Peach Front Conure, Blue Crown Conure, Red-Bellied Parrot, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Princess of Wales, and Golden mantled Rosellas.
Email .
San Jose, CA.

Lynn - ships
Cockatiels, parakeets, conures, ring necks, rosellas, lovebirds, mini-macaws, afridan grey parrots (congos), derbians and alexandrians - many different mutations.
(619) 660-1175.

M & M Avaries - ships
We breed Red Cheeck Cordon Bleu, Blue Cap Waxbill, Purple Grenadier, Peter's Twinspots, Green Back Twinspots, Cuban Melodius, Firefinch, Melba, Red Headed Parrotfinch(pied), Blue Headed Parrotfinch, Lady Gouldian, Goldfinch, Red Rump Opaline, Rubino Rosella, Shaftail, Parson, Parrotlets, & Yellow Headed Amazon.
Modesto, CA

M N' E Birds - ships
Princess of Wales: blues, lutinos, Rosellas:Pennants&blues, Stanley, Pale heads Golden Mantled, Fiery. Rock Pebblers, Barrabands, Red-Capped, Scarlet Chested Derbyans.
Ceres, CA.

Maldonado's Aviary
Finches, Parakeets, African Greys, Ringnecks. Call for prices and availability.
Delano, CA.



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