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Beak Care for Parrots by All Parrot Products

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A healthy beak is a sign of a healthy bird. Parrots use their beaks to eat, play, and forage for things. A beak that is healthy on a parrot will be smooth and not have any bumps or textures on it. If you bird is avoiding the use of their beak, than it is probably hurting them.

Your veterinarian should get involved if the parrot is not eating or the beak is not looking right. They can help by trimming the beak or figuring out what is wrong. Never ever try to trim a beak yourself and make sure that the vet you are taking your little feathered friend is experienced. Don’t be afraid to do your homework on the vet. If they trim the beak too short, the bird will be in pain and will not eat.

Conditions of the Beak to Watch For

Scissors: This is when the upper beak is growing to one side over the lower beak and is most common in macaws or cockatoos. The bird may have trouble, but it is a birth defect from when they were still in their eggs.

Parrot: This condition means that the upper beak is resting within the lower beak. Cockatoos develop this condition the most.

Beak care is something that you cannot neglect to do as a parrot owner. Providing toys, the proper food, and things for them to chew on made just for parrots or other birds can prevent some of these issues. AllParrotProducts.com sells conditioning perches and chew toys that your parrot will love. Nutrition can also play a role in some beak issues. Make sure that our parrot or other bird is getting a proper diet. 

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