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Feather Plucking

Calcium Deficiency is the most common cause of Parrots Plucking & Self Mutilation.

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Feather picking (and other similar forms of self mutilation) are major problems. Although most have nutritional problems as their origin there are some medical conditions that can be implicated so veterinary testing may be required. The most common cause of self mutilation appears to be calcium deficiency.

As research tells us that 98% of pet birds are getting less than the recommended levels of calcium in their diet it is actually surprising that there aren't more cases of this distressing condition. Calcium is involved in both nerve and muscle function. Calcium deficient animals often show nervous behaviour such as fear, aggression and self mutilation. So the central part of our recommendation is to add Calciboost

 The important thing about Calciboost  is that the calcium it contains is very easily absorbed from the gut into the blood stream.

 Getting the dosage rate correct is vital when using Parrot Supplements doses will vary depending which Calciboost you choose.

The important thing about these quantities is that they are the amounts to be consumed so allowance must be made for food wastage. Most parrot owners put their Calciboost onto fresh foods or human foods such as toast. Frankly it doesn't much matter what the carrier is so long as the bird consumes it. Don’t be surprised if your bird improves and then relapses during the ‘loading period’. Some individuals struggle to control their blood calcium levels during the first few weeks. The ‘off days’ in our regime exercise the ability to move calcium from store to blood and, in the long term, will give you much more consistent results. If your bird does relapse in the future simply reload with Calciboost!

In actual fact the amount of calcium it supplies is quite low but its bio-availability makes up for that. Our normal recommendation for Calciboost

Again these are the quantities to be consumed so allowance for wastage should be made. Once the calcium loading period has completed (we suggest two months) 

EasyBird Complete Pet Supplement (5-6 x a week) should be a routine supplementation for the whole of a bird's life. The third product (Potent Brew) in our system for plucker's is only likely to be used for a month or two. Self mutilating birds may be plucking because they are stressed or they may be stressed because they are plucking. Either way they are stressed!

The stress response reduces the blood supply to the digestive system as part of the normal 'fight or flight response'. Prolonged stress causes chronic digestive upset leading to many complications. Our experience is that re-balancing the digestive system can have a significant positive impact on plucking birds as it maximises absorption of the important nutrients we are supplying in the other supplements. We do this with our unique liquid (plank tonic) pro biotic Potent Brew. Normal dose rates for Potent Brew are as follows:

2 drops
Cockatiels: 4 drops
African Greys: 15 drops
Cockatoos: 10-20 drops
Large macaws: 30 drops

The rule of thumb is 1 ml (30 drops) per kilogram of body weight. Potent Brew  is given daily so a typical African Grey gets two months' supply from a 30ml bottle.

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