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A&E Multi Level Playstand

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Multi Level Parrot Playstand  from allparrotproducts.  This is a multi level play stand that encourages exercise out of cage  for your bird. It has two wooden perches on it and the finish is bird safe A&E bird play stand is designed with wheels for easy relocation around your house or from indoors to outdoors. All materials used are bird safe and non toxic. Buy only the best play stand from allparrotproducts for your pet finch, parrot, african grey, conure or any other pet bird for his daily exercise from

A&E Multi Level Parrot Playstand

All Parrots will love this playstand. Works for all birds from small to large birds.

Technical Details
• Exterior Dimensions: 32"x21"x64"

Product Features
Non-toxic & bird safe
2 stainless steel dishes
2 wooden perches
3 ladders
4 screw in caster

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