AE 8004030 Play Top Bird Parrot Cage

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A&E Bird Parrot Cage Playtop  40X30

A&E Bird Parrot Cage Playtop  40X30

Right size bird cage for cockatoos, and macaws.

A&E Parrot cages are Non-toxic and parrot safe. Play top has two ladders perch and a hook for a toy. As a large front door for easy access. This cage has horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back and front door safety latch. It has four swing out feeder doors with slide out grill & tray for easy cleaning. it also has a slide out tray under the play top. Removable seed catcher.Come with four stainless steal feeder cups and perch.

Exterior Dimensions: 40"x30"x75"
Interior Height: 47"
Bar Spacing: 1"
Weight: 173 lbs.

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