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Aronico Aglet Heaven Bird Toy

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Aronico Aglet Heaven Bird Toy from  Birds are attracted to colorful shoelaces. The Aronico Aglet Heaven Shoelace bird toy satisfies the urge Parrots have to chew the plastic aglets from the ends of shoelaces. Save your shoelaces them replace with more shoelaces for you pet bird from This will keep your feathered family member busy for hours for the  popular for parrots who are pluckers and any pet bird who are overpreeners.

Aronico Aglet Heaven Pet Bird Toy

The Aronico Aglet Heaven is a preener, snuggle buddy and chewing toy rolled up in one toy.  This bird toy stimulates and entices your bird to preen, the soft laces and aglets invite your bird to snuggle up. Makes a great alternative for excessive preening and feather abusive birds.

Small: 2" W x 10" L
Large: 4" W x 12" L


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