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 Parrot Toys & Pet Bird Toys Coco Loco Bird Toy by Aronico

 Coco Loco Large Bird Toys to Small Bird Toys

Coco Loco Toy For Cockatiel to African Grey

The Aronico Coco Loco is an extremely versatile toy a wide variety of uses. What does it do and why should I get one? Foraging – take some fiber or paper, hide treat such as nuts or dried fruit stuff into the coconut Chewing – provides a challenge for even the most destructive birds; unlike wood, which comes off in big chunks, the fibers of the coconut come off one at the time Wild bird feeder – put seed onto the coconut and hang outside; skin protects the nut from moisture Nesting – smaller birds love to nest in the Coco Loco Slide over perch or other toys to accessorize or save space A leather strip can be woven through the chain links to prevent any accidental mishaps Features Whole coconut with husk and skin on Nickel plated chain and quick link.

Approximate Size as each shell is unique: 7" x 6" with 6" chain 

Toys are essential to the physical and mental well-being of your pet bird or parrot. Just like curious children, parrots and pet birds love interacting with their environment. Toys provide mental stimulation, problem solving skills and entertainment for your parrot and pet bird. Play toys also keep large and small parrots in shape and fight boredom. Boredom is the main reason
for behavioral problems like feather picking in parrots and pet birds. With All Parrot Products you can choose toys that are appropriate for the size of your parrot to keep them properly mentally
stimulated while keeping them playing safe.

All of our Parrot Toys including our Large Pet Bird Toys are made out of bird safe products with the health and happiness of your pet bird in mind. We also have a selection of shreddable
toys that many pet birds and parrots love. Shreddable parrot toys provide an important outlet for natural chewing behavior and minimises over plucking of feathers.

Our large selection of Pet Bird Toys and Large to Small Parrot Toys will make it easy for you to find the right Toys to keep your parrot happy and active. If you have any questions about parrot
toys and pet bird toys or what toys are safe for what birds, please call us at 1-855-Pet-Bird


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