Avitech AviClean Concentrate 16 Oz

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Avitech  AviClean Concentrate

Avitech AviClean Cleaner Concentrate 16 Oz

AviClean has twice the dirt-eating power as the leading poop remover.

AviClean is safe to use no need to remove your bird from the cage when you clean. AviClean is also a good deodorizer with a fresh minty smell. Also excellent for cleaning up dog and cat accidents. Can be used on carpets and wood floors.

Easy to use dual enzyme extra strength formula for a spotless clean with no scrubbing or rinsing. Use on cages , floors, toys, perches, walls, etc. Easily removes dried bird droppings, caked-on foods such as fruit, vegetables, nectar, pellets, hand feeding formula , regurgitated substances. Also great for dog and cat stains. Bird-safe and Biodegradable. Will not harm cages.

The new concentrate makes one gallon of AviClean. (32 Oz Spray top pictured.)

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