Avitech Formula One

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Avitech Formula One

Avitech Formula One Parrot Supplement 

Add Avitech Formula One For Weight Gain In Babies

Avitech Formula One is used alone to feed newborns and as a supplement to parrot hand feeding formulas for older baby birds. It is also an ideal supplement for hand feeding underweight adults that have been injured or are ill. Formula One provides carbohydrates and vegetable fat to promote weight gain as well as extra protein, vitamins, minerals, four digestive enzymes, and six species of beneficial bacteria. Mix with water or electrolyte solution or add to handfeeding formula. Has a fruit flavor that birds love.

For "day one" hatchlings and continuing handfeeding with formula.

For adults that are underweight due to sickness or injury.

Contains four digestive enzymes and six beneficial bacteria

 Guaranteed Analysis per 2 Teaspoons (10g)

Crude Protein 20%
Crude Fat (max) 10%
Fiber  1g
Moisture (max) 4%
Calcium 30-50mg
Iron 30mcg
Vitamin A 80 IU
Vitamin D 7.5 IU
Vitamin B12 6.8 IU
Niacin 60 mcg
Magnesium 200 mcg
Beneficial Bacteria 175,000 CFU
Protease  25 USP
Amylase  25 USP
Lipase  2 USP
Pepsin (1:3000) 1 mg

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