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Bird Breeders Texas

Parrot breeders in Texas by All Parrot Products Parrot Shop

Bird breeders in Texas and great prices on pet bird food.

Here's a list of parrot breeders to help you find the right baby & the right breeder in Texas. We also have a parrot store with unbeatable prices on all parrot food and parrot supplies. Free Shipping at $95, and a Great Rewards Program.

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  • Old World Aviaries  Lewis, Scott
  • Email   Phone: 512-928-1200    City: Austin
  • Breeds: Galahs, Umbrellas, Slender-billed Corellas, Timneh & Congo Greys, Capes, Senegals, Meyers, Brown heads, Vasas, Caiques, Hawk Heads
  • Ships? Yes


  • JC Aviary
  • Email Phone 512-333-2319 City Austin


  • Birdiac Aviaries
  • Email Phone 972-503-2473 City Plano


  • Feathered Friends Aviary
  • Email Phone 903-665-3834 City Jefferson


  • Almost Angels Aviary
  • Email Phone 281-703-2113 City Richmond


  • The Tiki Bird House
  • Email Phone 210-807-0179 City San Antonio


  • T&D Aviary
  • Email Phone 210-859-5198 City Antonio


  • Full Nest Aviary
  • Email Phone 512-990-0833 City Austin


  • Laura's Little Parrots
  • Email Phone 804-3024 City Irving


  • SpringOak
  • Email Phone 512-630-1626 City Dripping


  • The Bird Lady
  • Email Phone 956-309-0750 City East of Dallas


  • Tiki Room Aviaries
  • Email Phone 817-266-5207 City Fort Worth


  • Birds On A Perch Aviary
  • Email Phone 1-979-421-2750 City Brenham


  • Birds of a Feather Aviary
  • Email Phone: 210-509-3718 City: San Antonio
  • Breeds: Indian Ringnecks, Cockatiels
  • Ships? Yes


  • My Red Canary
  • Email Phone: 972-492-2213 City: Carrollton
  • Breeds: Clean green and blue mutation celestial pacific parrotlets
  • Ships? Yes


  • Wendys Parrots
  • Email Phone: 817-594-7322 City: Weatherford
  • Breeds: African Greys - Congo and Timnah, Alexandrines, Blue & Gold Macaws, Blue Throated Macaws, Mini Macaws, Red Fronted Macaws
  • Ships? Yes


  • Hillside Aviary
  • Email Phone: 830-660-2179 City: New Braunfels
  • Breeds: SI Eclectus,Hahns Macaws,Red Fronted Macaws,Citron Cockatoos, Rose Breasted Cockatoo's,Jardines, Yellow Nape Amazons,Blue Headed Pionous,White Head Pionous,Blackhead Caiques,Mutated Quakers,Turqious,Pineapple,GC's, Sun Conures, Congo African Grey, Timneh African Grey, OW Amazons, Goffin Cockatoo's
  • Ships? Yes


  • Rory Thacker 
  • Email Phone: 214-797-2758 City: Dallas/ Austin
  • Breeds: Lineolated Parakeets, Senegals, Congos, Jardines, Red Bellies, Meyers, and Plum Headed Parakeets.
  • Ships? Yes


  • Williams, Cynthia 
  • Email Phone: 281-615-1430 City: Katy
  • Breeds: Lineolated Parakeets
  • Ships? Yes

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