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Bird Breeeder Indiana


Parrot breeders in Indiana and Parrot Supplies.

Bird breeders in Indiana and great prices on parrot food.

Here's a list of parrot breeders to help you find the right baby & the right breeder in Indiana . We also have a parrot store with unbeatable prices on all parrot food and parrot supplies. Free Shipping at $95, and a Great Rewards Program.

If you would like to be added to our list all we ask is you share a link back to one of our category pages. Your favorite brand of parrot food, parrot supplement, or parrot toys share more links or say something nice about us on a parrot forum or group and will we move you to the top and or give you a free header add.

If you don't have a website you can still be added just share a link on Parrot Group, Facebook, Google +, or Twitter with a link to us of your favorite bird product. Just email your info please make sure to include your state. Email the Url of the page you linked to us and we will do the rest. 


  • Wing Nuts Aviary
  • Email wingnuts1@earthlink.net Phone 260-609-6811 City 260-609-6811


  • Dojea's Nest www.dojeasnest.com
  • Email jeanie@dojeasnest.com Phone 574.333.6721 City Wolcottville, IN


  • Royal Wings Aviary www.royalwingsaviary.com
  • Email pam@royalwingsaviary.com Phone 574-273-1767 City :Granger
  • We breed Princess of Wales parrots, cockatiels, lovebirds, scarlet-chested grass parakeets, English budgies, parrotlets, rosie bourkes, and Solomon Island Eclectus.


  • Konig, Tyler tmbirdhouse.com
  • Email tmbirdhouse@sbcglobal.net Phone: 1-937-829-1104 City: Indianapolis
  • Breeds: Congo African Grey, Timneh African Grey, Senegal, Indian Ringneck Parakeet, Plumhead Parakeet, Parrotlet
  • Ships? No


  • Country Birds Aviary www.Countrybirdsaviary.com
  • Email Vee@Countrybirdsaviary.com Phone: 812-366-0300 City: Crandall
  • Breeds: Congo african greys, bh caiques,quakers,indian ringnecks,green cheek conures, cockatiels, all handfed and tame
  • Ships? Yes


  • K&M Breeding www.kmbreeding.weebly.com
  • Email rednecksdoitbetter76@gmail.com Phone: 765-283-6170  City: Muncie
  • Breeds: American & English Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Green Cheek Conures, Quaker Parrots
  • Ships? No

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Pet Bird Supplies & Bird Care Info

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All Parrot Products offers the largest selection of parrot vitamin supplement from The Birdcare Company, Avitech, Vetafarm and Nekton.

If you choose to feed an organic parrot food we offer Harrision's & Top's Parrot Food.

All Parrot Products carries Goldenfeast which is a great favorite of mine offering a seed based diet with greens, grains, fruit, and vegatables. With no dyes, or added vitamins.

We also carry the leading brands of parrot seed from Hagen, Higgins, Kaytee, Abba, Crazy Corn, and Volkman Seed.

All Parrot Products also offers the brand names parrot pellets from Lafeber, Zupreem, Pretty Bird, Roudybush, Scenic, and Oven Fresh Bites.

Parrots require fresh foods to stay healthy and active. Organic, human grade, and food that is not repackaged is the best way to provide optimal care and keep your parrots healthy.

Feeding your parrot right is much more in depth then just feeding a parrot seed or parrot pellet diet. Trusting leading brands is also not enough either. It's up to you, you need to read labels, and know what your feeding. All bird food is not created equal. You will find that all ingredients are listed, on all brands of food that we sell so you can make the best choice for your type of parrot.

Because of the special needs of the Eclectus we have also labeled the foods that are safe for the Eclectus.

Please contact All Parrot Products if you have any questions or if I can be of any help.

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