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Bird Breeeder Iowa

Parrot Breeders Iowa by All Parrot Products Parrot Shop

List of parrot breeders in Iowa and parrot food.

I beleive buying a from a breeder is always best. Please Like Us Facebook if this helped find your next bestfriend.

This is only a list it is up to you to find the right baby & the right breeder. I do not recommend buying a unweaned babies.

List of species African Grey Parrot, Amazon Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Quaker Parrots, Senegal Parrots.

Macaws - Blue And Gold Macaw, Hahns Macaw, Hyacinth Macaw,Scarlet Macaw
Conures - Blue Crown Conure, Green Cheek Conure, Nanday Conure, Sun Conures
Cockatoos -Goffin Cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoo ,Umbrella Cockatoo
Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Budgies. 


  • D and R Aviary
  • Email 


  • Jerries Birds
  • Email Phone 563-582-0429 City Dubuque


  • Darling Parrots LLC
  • Email City Palo


  • Galliart, Jerrie
  • Email Phone: 563-582-0429 City: Dubuque
  • Breeds: Blue Quakers, Green Cheeked Conures, Grass Keets, Lineoated Parakeets
  • Ships? Yes


  • Gift, Heather 
  • Email Phone: 515-965-0182 City: Ankeny
  • Breeds: Green Cheek Conure Mutations: yellow sides, pineapple, and normals and Zebra Finches
  • Ships? No


  • Zimmerman Pets
  • Email Phone: 712 239 5531 City: Sioux City
  • Breeds: Macaws, cockatoos, amazons, african greys, conures, cockatiels , parakeets, quakers

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