Eclectus Diet Information

Eclectus Diet Information

Eclectus diets are different to that of any other parrot species. 

The Eclectus has a longer digestive tract and some can do poorly on seed or pellet diet. Diets high in pellets have been known to cause Eclectus parrots to have an overdose in vitamins which can result in feather destruction, toe tapping and unwanted behaviours such as screaming and aggression. Some Eclectus parrots are more sensitive to their diets than others. Coloured or artificial pellets

can also have an impact on some Eclectus health later on in their life.

It is recommended your Eclectus have at least an 80% natural soft food diet and 20% of everything else including treats, nuts, seed and pellets. Eclectus parrots can eat up to 3 meals per day but many owners do feed only 2 meals per day. Eclectus are known to be grazers as well so you can also provide foraging foods in between their meal times. The Eclectus doesn't tend to become overweight eating like this if they’re given a healthy daily diet of fresh raw foods such as sprouts, fruit and veggies.

Offering a sprouted mix daily can give your Eclectus most of the vitamins they need for the day. Sprouts can be bought or home made.

Eclectus parrots don’t need to be fed egg on a regular basis. Egg has been said to cause extremely high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis which can result in an early death. Egg is also a complete protein. egg can safely be offered approximately once a month to a single adult

Goldenfeast is one of the only Seed Mixes that don't add vitamins to their mixes.

Oct 05, 2019

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