​How to Potty Train Your Parrot

​How to Potty Train Your Parrot

Posted by Lori- All Parrot Products on 11th Mar 2016

Parrot have some funny potty habits in the wild and that is why it can be confusing when you are trying to potty train them in your home. Breeding and territory can influence these behaviors, but they can be influenced to make other choices on where they use the bathroom in your home. In a few simple steps, you can potty train your parrot and make a lasting change.

  • Observe your parrot’s potty behaviors, such as how often they use the bathroom and what time of day it is.
  • When they do use the bathroom in their cage, you should praise them for the action and remove them from the cage at that time.
  • Put the bird back in the cage prior to the expected time of their next potty time and this will give you another chance to praise them for using the potty in their cage.
  • Keep an eye on them during training. The more consistent you are with praise, the more success you will have with the process.

Positive encouragement is the best way to go about potty training your parrot. Especially for the younger birds, the process may take a little time. It is not overnight. Avoid punishing or being harsh with them when they go outside the cage. Instead, put them back in their cage and the next time you see them go in their cage, reward that behavior.

This is training of bowel control for your parrot. They may start to hold it until they see you and show you that they are going in their cage. This is a good thing. They are not hurting themselves and if they really have to go and you are not around, they will go. Do not worry about that.

They goal is that they longer you do this, they will see going potty in the cage as a rewarding action that means they will be able to come out and have a treat or play.

*Be patient with younger parrots during the process of training them. They will normally go much more than an adult, so short time frames of having them out will train them better than pushing the limits.

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