How to Store Your Parrot Food

How to Store Your Parrot Food

Posted by All Parrot Products on 15th Sep 2015

Buying large bags of seeds and pellets can help save money, but storing the food the wrong way, can lead to other problems. Safely storing the Parrot Food is very important for the health of your bird. Storing your parrots’ food the right way can prevent the nutrition from being lost, prevents mold from growing, and keeps pests and moths away.

Order parrot seed and food from only the most trusted stores and make sure that they do not “re-bag” their food. Buying re-bagged food puts your parrots at great risk of disease. It truly is not worth the risk. Avian diseases can be carried through dust and feces. Buying parrot products which have come in contact to other birds creates the risk of spreading a avian disease to your birds.

Disease spread by feather dust and feces do not just die during delivery truck. This could be deadly avian diseases can live up to five years in dust.Some stores will do this and it causes the food to go bad faster. All Parrot Products  does not “re-bag” any parrot and Bird Food.

Storing Parrot Food

Temperate is an important factor in keeping your parrots food good. Make sure that the parrot food is stored in a room that does not get to hot. Also, don’t store food in outdoor areas that may go through temperature changes. Store the food in an air tight container. Seal the bag food with a good clip to give it an air tight seal as well. Use all of the food in the container and make sure it is clean of old food before adding any new food.

Mold is a problem with parrot and bird food. There are airborne fungus diseases that your parrot or bird can get from mold developing on the food. The food that is effected by mold will have a “musty” odor to it. If your parrots’ food is damp, sprouting from the seeds, or clumping together at all, it is not safe to feed your parrot that food at all.

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