Things not to do in Front of your Parrot

Things not to do in Front of your Parrot

19th Mar 2016

Cooking – If possible, try not to cook around or in front of your parrot. You don’t want them to start being little alarms of when someone is in the kitchen cooking. It is also not safe to have them out while you are cooking. Think of them like a small child with wings and can easily get hurt, especially if they are scared of something else while you have hot things cooking in the kitchen. *Watch out for non-stick cookware too. It puts off fumes, that don’t hurt us, but can be toxic to them.

Smoking – This is awful for your bird, just as it is anyone else. Parrots can get lung infections and even pneumonia from being exposed to smoke in their environment. Parrots thrive in fresh and clean air with lots of oxygen to breath.

Talking on the Phone – This is unavoidable sometimes, but try not to be on the phone too much around your parrot. Parrots are smart and will sometimes copy your conversations with others. This has been a problem in couples when one owner has passed away and the parrot is still mimicking phone conversations that the passed on owner had with others. They don’t need to pick up on everything that you do.

*Watch your language around your parrot as well. They will talk like you do and everything that you say.

Having Large Parties – Parrots sometimes love being the center of attention, but sometimes when people have had a few drinks, they can miss the signs that your parrot is not feeling the party so much anymore. This can lead to a bite. Guests may also not know the proper diet of your parrot and offer them something to eat that will be toxic or cause severe reactions.

It is best to place your bird in a locked room away from guests during a party if possible. If separating them from the party is not possible, place a very visible sign letting people know that they might get bit and to not feed the parrot anything. Even if you have a sweet mannered parrot, things can go wrong around others.

Cleaning – Make sure that you are not using any harsh chemicals around them. Parrots are sensitive to them.

*Also be careful with personal care products such as perfumes and sprays around them.

Eating Junk Food – Parrots can be really cute when they want a treat, but keep treats to only their food. Junk food is not good for them.

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