What Parrot Toy to Buy?

What Parrot Toy to Buy?

Posted by All Parrot Products on 15th Nov 2015

Toys are awesome ways to stimulate your parrot. They are busy bodies in the wild with just surviving and they even still have their antics in the wild. Living in a house can be a little boring for them at times. Getting the right toys can ensure hours of playtime and entertainment for when their human friends are not around to play with them.

Challenging Foraging Toys are the best for daily jobs to do for your parrot. A purpose for the day to get a tasty treat out. Some puzzle toys are available for adult parrots to learn to do a certain thing to get the treat. However, once they know the trick, swap it out with another puzzle toy that they can figure out how to get the treat out of it too. You can swap them out over time and use the same ones over and over, just providing change and challenge to them is the important factor.

Destructible toys made of wood or rawhide solve the behavior of tearing things up. It keeps their little birds in good health. In the wild, there would be plenty of wood for them to chew on, so provide the substitute in their cages.

Toys will moving parts that can be manipulated by the parrots are fun for them to do. These satisfy the need for them to get exercise and they will enjoy playing with these toys.

Foot Toys encourage them to use those feet and prevent soreness from developing. Make sure these toys are size appropriate for maximum benefits.

Take old chew toys and things that they have already broken apart and offer them in a small container that the parrot can look through and choose something to play with. A great way to still get the most use out of them.

Little houses for them to retreat in privacy are good for rest time after all that play!

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