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Caitec Acrobird Large Parrot Play Tower

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Caitec Acrobird Large Parrot Play Tower

Large Parrot Stand - Play Stand For Parrot

Very durable and easy to clean play stand for large birds.

This Play Stand has eight perches that are textured and irregularly shaped to provide a natural feel just like in the wild. All perches can be removed for easy cleaning. Four rolling casters allow you to easily move this playstand from one room to another.

Technical Details
• Exterior Dimensions: 54" x 32" x 22.5"

Product Features
• Durable plastic exercise area for large parrots.
• Easy to clean floor model.

Good for:

• Small Cockatoos, Mini Macaws
• Amazons, Afican Greys
• Large Cockatoos, Large Macaws

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