A&E Double Stack Breeder Cage 40X30

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A&E Double Breeder Bird Cage 40X30

A&E Double Stack Breeder Bird Cage 40X30

Good Size bird cage for Eclectus, and African Greys.

A&E Parrot cages are Non-toxic and parrot safe. This is a wonderful double stack parrot cage for all parrot breeders. it has bird proof front doors and feeder door locks to keep your bird safe. It has two large front doors and two breeder doors for nestboxs. Has vertical bars front and back with horizontal side bars with slide out grill and tray for easy cleaning. Come with two perches, four stainless steal feeder cups, and four swing out feeder doors.

Exterior Dimensions: 40"x30"x73"
Interior Height: 31"
Bar Spacing: 1"
Weight: 174 lbs.


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