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Hagen Tropican Cockatiel Food

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Hagen Tropican Cockatiel Food Lifetime Granules  by  
Hagen Tropican Cockatiel Food Lifetime Granules by, the expert parrot bird food store.  The best parrot food is found in  Hagen Tropican Cockatiel Food Lifetime Granules.  It is a healthy parrot food that is organic.  Fed to large and small parrots this is the best pet bird food a healthy organic bird food.  Ensure you purchase of your next bag of  Hagen Tropican Cockatiel Food Lifetime Granules is not bought not from walmart pet supplies or not from amazon pet supplies but rather from the pet bird food experts, where they give the best pet bird food customer service and at the best price for  Hagen Tropican Cockatiel Food Lifetime Granules.
 Hagen Tropican Cockatiel Food Lifetime Granules is so nutritionally advanced it does not require that you give pet birds dietary supplements. It is the only formulated food line that most pet birds will ever need during their lifetime.  Normal Grey Cockatiel  This is the natural color of a wild cockatiel. If you saw a wild flock in Australia, you'd see males with grey bodies with a white stripe on each wing, bright yellow heads and crests, Females look the same, but their yellow heads and orange cheeks are paler.  Lutino Cockatiel Lutino that is white with a yellow head and bright orange cheek spots. Whiteface Cockatiel  areas of the head that are typically yellow and orange are white instead, as the bird's mutation name suggests. Females have grey faces and no cheeks.   Cinnamon Cockatiel Cinnamon their bodies are more silver-brown. Females have light orange cheeks but no yellow on their faces.  Pearl Cockatiel Pearl is a pretty mutation in which the feathers are spotted white and yellow. The spotted pattern varies. Males may lose their spotted look as they get older, while females stay spotted all their lives. Female pearl cockatiels have yellow faces.  "Pied" cockatiels have patches of white and yellow on areas that are typically not those colors in other mutations. Pied patterns vary widely, but according to the National Cockatiel Society, it is preferred that they are 75 percent pied and 25 percent the color the bird would normally be (such as grey or cinnamon). 
Hagen Tropican Cockatiel Food is a healthy organic pet cockatiel food.  Vets like drs foster smith, pet bird supply places such as chewy, pets co, windy city parrot  can not compete with the expert pet bird food store as allparrotproducts.  All parrot products sell pet bird food at the best price.

Tropican Lifetime Granules Cockatiel Food by Hagen 

Scientifically formulated as completely balanced extruded 2mm granules, containing eight grains and nuts for maximum palatability and biological value. Flavorful maintenance food for all cockatiels, lovebirds, rosellas and parrotlets.

Ingredients :

Corn, soybean meal, wheat, dehulled peanuts, dehulled sunflower seeds, brown rice, canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), calcium carbonate, lecithin, oat groats, dried tomato, flaxseed, L-lysine, alfalfa nutrient concentrate, choline chloride, DL-methionine, beta-carotene, biotin, vitamin E supplement, niacin, calcium L-ascorbyl-2-monophosphate (source of vitamin C), zinc oxide, manganous oxide, d-calcium pantothenate, vitamin B12 supplement, rosemary extract, copper sulfate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, inositol, folic acid, vitamin A supplement, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, vitamin D3 supplement.

Guaranteed Analysis :

Crude protein 13% (min), Crude fat 7% (min), Crude fibre 3.5% (max), Moisture 9% (max), Calcium 0.8 (min), Phosphorus 0.6% (min), Vitamin A 5000 IU/kg (min), Vitamin D3 550 IU/kg (min), Vitamin E 220 IU/lkg (min), Beta-Carotene 1.8 mg/kg (min), Omega-3 Fatty Acids 0.03% (min), Omega-6 Fatty Acids 0.25% (min).


Manufactured in a facility that packages products containing nuts.


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