Insects For Birds

Insects For Birds

Insects For Birds That  Are Insectivore 

  • Browns Fixins Dried Mealworms 3 Oz


    FM Browns Dried Mealworms

    FM Browns Fixins Dried Mealworms 3 Oz Dried Mealworms are the perfect natural food for all insect eating birds. These farm-raised mealworms are “quick-freeze dried” to lock in flavor, freshness and nutritional value. They can be blended with...
  • Quiko Goldy Eggfood


    Quiko Goldy

    Quiko Goldy 400 grams Quiko Goldy for Softbills and other birds eating soft food.  Quiko Eggfood For Birds  Quiko Eggfood - Goldy  A pure, natural product with extra insects, anteggs and honey. It should be fed daily, alone or with...
  • Vetafarm Insecta-Pro


    Vetafarm Insecta Pro

    Vetafarm Insecta-Pro 450 g Insecta-Pro is formulated to take the mess and guesswork out of keeping and breeding insect eating birds. Using the technology of food extrusion, Insecta-Pro incorporates the best protein from a range of sources to create a...
  • Abba Softbill Diet

    Abba Seed

    Abba Seed Softbill Diet

    Abba Seed Softbill is a complete diet.  Mixing and Feeding Instructions To three tablespoons of Abba Soft, add one tablespoon of cold water. mix thoroughly in order to activate the ingredients. freshly grated carrot and freshly grated apple may be...
  • Abba Plastic Finch Nestbox One Dozen

    Abba Seed

    Abba 99 Insect Blend

    Abba Seed 99 Protein Insect Blend Is a great addition to finches, softbills, and canaries diet. Just add a teaspoon or treat cup a day per bird. May be fed 5-6 times per week. Ingredients Crumbs made with meals: wheat, corn, oat, barely, soybean,...
  • Volkman Dried Mealworms

    Volkman Seed

    Volkman Dried Mealworms

    Volkman Dried Mealworms 10 Oz Dried Mealworms make the perfect food for all insect eating birds and are eagerly accepted. Mealworms can be blended with your favorite seed mix or served alone as a treat. Feeding DirectionsAdd a small amount of meal worms...