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Kaylor of Colorado

Kaylor Parrot Food Seed

Kaylor insures that each ingredient is high quality and passes through an assurance program that makes top of the line parrot food products and exotic rainforest blends.

Kaylor of Colorado Parrot food Rainforest blend has tons of delightful ingredients along with essential vitamins. Banana chips, raisins, and pumpkin are just a couple of the exciting ingredients in the all-natural parrot food. Kaylor of Colorado Sweet Harvest is free of dust and chaff and has added vitamins and minerals. The feather sheen vitamins are formulated perfectly to make sure the bird is getting the nutrients and you will have beautiful feathers on your parrot, cockatiel, canary, or finch. There is a Kaylor of Colorado blend for Parakeets also. Kaylor of Colorado uses nitrogen flushing to prevent bugs from hatching.

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