Breeding Supplements

Breeding Supplements

Parrot Supplements and Fertility Supplements

Parrot breeding supplements are often used on parrots to assist in boosting a bird’s fertility through added dietary assistance.

Just like humans, if birds are not getting the proper nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals, their bodies have a much harder time producing eggs. A lack of proper nutrition could also lead to poor hatchability or deficiencies within the eggs themselves. Through specially formulated blends, experts have been able to produce breeding supplements to aid in increased fertility and hatchability that are safe, easy to use, and FDA approved.

  • Abba Seed Hemp

    Abba Seed

    Hemp Seed

    Abba Seed Sterilized Hemp For Birds Hemp seed stimulate breeding. Hemp Seeds are very nutritious for parrot. Hemp seeds are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Contain gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).  All of our Abba Hemp...
  • Harrison's Parrot Supplements Avian Enzyme 2oz - - Organic Parrot Food and NON GMO Exotic Pet Bird Food  HARRISON’S BIRD FOODS - Harrison's Parrot Supplements Avian Enzyme 2oz are health foods for pet birds. By introducing the first avian formulation made from certified organic ingredients, Harrison's Parrot Supplements Avian Enzyme 2oz has transformed the feeding of exotic pet birds and large to small parrots!


    Harrison's Avian Enzyme

    Harrison's Avian Enzyme Parrot Supplements Harrison's Avian Enzyme Will improve digestion in birds. To improve digestion in any bird under any condition. Uses can also include, birds with chronic pancreatitis, malabsorption syndrome, proventricular...
  • Vetafarm Probotic Re-Establishes The Natural Gut Flora After Infections.


    Vetafarm Probotic

    $18.95 - $24.99
    Vetafarm Probotics For Pet Birds & Parrots Pet Bird Supplement Probotics - Avian Probotics Pet Bird Medicine - Pet Bird Medication Bird Probotics Re-Establishes the Natural Gut Flora. Parrot Probotics use immediately following antibiotics...
  • Vetafarm Breeding Aid


    Vetafarm Breeding Aid

    Vetafarm Breeding Aid - Avain Fertility  Booster - Breeding Aid Parrots Breeding Aid Birds - Breeding Supplements For Birds & Parrots Vetafarm Fertility Booster -  Birds Breeding Medicines Vetafarm Breeding Aid increase the number of...
  • The Birdcare Company Easy Bird Super Breeder

    The Birdcare Company

    EasyBird Super Breeder

    EasyBird Super Breeder by Birdcare Co. EasyBird Super Breeder stimulates breeding & fertility. BirdCare Company EasyBird Super Breeder improves parrot and exotic bird fertility by giving them stimulating ingredients and nutrients. Birdcare Company...
  • Abba Seed 97 Ultimate Nestling Eggfood

    Abba Seed

    Abba Seed 97 Nestling Eggfood

    Abba Seed 97 Ultimate Nestling Eggfood Abba Seed 1lb and 5lb are repackaged in Sealed Plastic Bags from Bulk Mixing and Feeding Instructions Mix 3 part ABBA 97 with 1 part of hot (but not boiling) water mix well and wait 10 minutes. Then mix...
  • Abba DTS 2000

    Abba Seed

    Abba DTS 2000 Antimicrobial

    MSRP: $34.00
    Abba Seed DTS 2000 Antimicrobial Vitamin Powder 4 Oz  Parrot Vitamins & Supplements For Pet Birds    Pet Bird Supplements - Best Bird Vitamins - Pet Bird Vitamins  Abba Pet Bird Vitamins at unbeatable Prices  ...
  • Quiko Carrot


    Quiko Carrot

    MSRP: $62.00
    Quiko Carrot 5 Kg The ideal food supplement for Quiko Rearing Food Variety is the spice of life. Offering a varied diet is a great way of increasing appetites and avoiding boredom. European bird breeders have used the concept of daily diet variation...
  • Petamine Nestling Formula 1.5 Lb

    Volkman Seed

    Petamine Nestling Formula

    Petamine Nestling Formula For Bird Breeding Petamine Nestling Formula uses only the highest quality ingredients enriched with the optimal balance of viatmins, minerals and proteins to get your chicks off to a healthy start. New Resealable Clear Jar...
  • Petamine Breeding Formula 1.5 Lb

    Volkman Seed

    Petamine Breeding Formula

    Petamine Breeding Formula For Bird Breeding  Volkman Petamine Supplement For Breeding Birds  Fertility Supplement For Breeding Birds & Parrots  Petamine Breeding Formula uses only the highest quality ingredients enriched with the...