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Parrot Perches

Parrot Perches Of All Types For Birds

Rope, Grooming, Wooden, Shower and Heated Perches

Parrot perches and bird perches are essential for the health of your parrots feet. They provide the natural feel of how they hand on to branches in the wild and provide enrichment and play for the parrots and birds. We carry an assortment of parrot perch sizes and textures. Some are even calcium enriched edible perches and heated parrot perches for extra comfort for your parrot. 

All types of perches play and important roll in the heath of pet birds. 

Rope Perches give the feet a nice break from the harder type perches and will protect your pet bird feet from getting bumble feet.

Grooming Perches help keep your birds nail trimmed if you buy the right size. You birds toes should not go all the way around the perch they need to be on the grooming perch for it to trim the nails. If you put a grooming perch by by your birds food dish they will use it to clean their beaks and it will help to keep the beak in good condition and need less or no trimming.

Wooden Perches give a bird a good feel of being in the wild. All pet birds should have one perch that goes from one side to the other to help them get around the cage. Manzanita perches work great for this.

Shower Perches provide an easy why to give your parrot a good shower to keep them clean and cut down on dust. Shower perches also work great to put in the window so your bird can enjoy the outside.

Heated Perches are just the greatest thing they provide a gentle warmth that your bird will enjoy while the air conditioning is on or in the winter.

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