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The Best Calcium Supplements for your Pet Bird and Parrot  


Parrot supplements are offered as a way to maintain those nutrients and help your bird live a longer, healthier life. Along with a healthy food diet, parrots also need to maintain the amount of vitamins and nutrients their food may be lacking. Here is a comprehensive assortment of parrot supplements provided by All Parrot Products to ensure your bird is getting the best diet possible. 

Pet Bird Vitamins and Best Bird Vitamins are a great way to incorporate the vitamins and nutrients that their food may be lacking. At All Parrot Products we believe in helping your pet bird or parrot live a long and healthier life through proper nutrition. In our products you will find an extensive assortment of pet bird and parrot supplements, vitamins and parrot breeding supplements. We want to ensure that your feathered companion is receiving the best nutrition possible.  

Everyone at All Parrot Products wants your pet bird and parrot as healthy as possible. Shop with us for a variety of supplements like our pet bird and parrot vitamins, liquid vitamins for both pet birds and parrots, and mineral blocks for birds and avian calcium supplements. We have a very large selection of calcium supplements for birds, calcium powder, liquid calcium for pet birds, and bird calcium blocks including mineral blocks for your pet birds.  

Our feathered companions may be predisposed to conditions that lead them to having deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Some parrots and pet birds are also picky eaters - meaning that their diet may not be as well rounded as you thought. This is why we have a wonderful and extensive selection of vitamins, minerals and more for your pet bird or parrot.  

Why should I consider supplements for my parrots and pet birds?   

  • Proper nutrition will help your pet bird or parrot live a long and full life 
  • Lack of calcium can lead to weaknesses and deformation in long bones 
  • Lack of calcium in parrots and pet birds can lead to bone fractures 
  • Supplements and vitamins help your pet birds and parrots who are predisposed to absorption problems
  • Increased fertility and improved hardness of eggshells 
  • With parrot supplements and vitamins you will see improved feather growth, condition and color
  • You will see a stronger immune system
  • When on vitamins and supplements pet birds and parrots have a higher resistance to parasites, bacteria and viral infection   

When on vitamins and supplements pet birds and parrots have a higher resistance to parasites, bacteria and viral infection All of our healthy parrot supplements and vitamins are made with the health and well-being of your pet bird in mind. Our selection of parrot and pet bird vitamins and supplements will aid in an improved immune system, stronger bones and a healthier parrot. Make sure to check out all that we have to offer your pet birds and parrots as well as our extensive selection of parrot food, parrot toys and more! 

All Parrot Products Parrot Shop offers the largest selection of parrot vitamins & parrot supplements from The Birdcare Company, Avitech, Vetafarm, Nekton, Abba , and Quiko.  

If you have any questions pertaining to which pet bird supplement or parrot vitamins will be the best for your feathered friend, please call us at 1-855-Pet-Bird

  • Avitech AviGreens for pet birds from     Avitech AviGreensContains nutritive grasses in an easy to feed powder form, including Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa Grass, and Oat Grass. The grasses dried from young plants to preserve maxium nutrition. Wheat grass juice with vitamins and minerals, amino acids and Zeaxanthin, which protect eyes from sunlight. Barley grass juice has vitamin C of oranges and calcium. It is also a good source of vitamin B12.  Alfalfa grass juice is an appetite stimulant. It provides 8 essential amino acids and carotene .  Oat grass is an excellent source of chlorophyl, B vitamins, vitamin C and calcium.  feed Avitech AviGreens to your pet.  Amazon parrots , double-yellow-headed Amazon, or yellow-headed Amazon; blue-fronted Amazon ,yellow-naped Amazon, lilac-crowned Amazon, the orange-winged Amazon , white-fronted Amazon; Mealy Amazon.  Feed your amazon parrot from allparrotproducts the amazon parrot bird supplement expert. Pets co, amazon pet supplies, walmart pet supplies, drsfostersmith, getbirdstuff, non have the expertise as allparrotproducts has for your pet bird and all their needs for healthy pet bird supplements.


    Avitech AviGreens

    Avitech AviGreens Greens For Pet Birds 10 Oz AviGreens organic greens mix. Contains nutritive grasses in an easy to feed powder form, including Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa Grass, and Oat Grass. Sprinkle on Dry or Moist Food For larger birds:...
  • Nekto-Bio Parrot Supplements


    Nekto-Bio Parrot Supplements

    Nekton-Bio Parrot Supplement Nekton-Bio is a protein-enriched food supplement. Nekton- Bio ensures good feather growth and help prevent plumage defect. After years of research and experiments we developed NEKTON-BIO to meet certain problems in a bird's...
  • Nekton- S Parrot Supplement


    Nekton- S

    $19.95 - $33.95
    Nekton-S Parrot Supplement For Pet Birds Nekton-S is multi-vitamin supplement for pet birds. Is enriched with amino acids and trace elements for all cage birds The animal body is like a machine in that it needs "parts", catalysts and "fuel" if it is to...
  • Nekton-E Parrot Supplement


    Nekton-E Parrot Supplement

    Nekton E Parrot Supplement Nekton E vitamin E supplement increases fertility. Vitamin E plays a vital role in maintaining bodily functions and in the fertility of most animal species. It promotes a bird's entire metabolism - protein, carbohydrate,...
  • Avitech Arthritis Formula Herbal Supplement


    Avitech Arthritis

    Avitech Arthritis Formula Herbal Parrot Supplement  Help your elderly bird lead a happier, more active life with Avitech Arthritis, a unique parrot supplement made from a blend of anti-inflammatory medicinal herbs that ease swelling, stiffness and...
  • Avitech Candida/Yeast BeGone


    Avitech Candida

    Avitech Candida Yeast BeGone Herbal Supplement Avitech Candida Yeast BeGone is 100% Alcohol-Free Extract.  Avitech Candida Yeast BeGone Herbal Supplement helps birds' bodies fight candida fungal infections the natural way. Formulated by the...
  • Avitech Candida/Yeast BeGone


    Avitech Chamomile

    Avitech Chamomile Flower Herbal Parrot Supplement Avitech Chamomile Flower is 100% Alcohol-Free Extract  Avitech Chamomile Flower Herbal Parrot Supplement uses all-natural chamomile extract to provide multiple benefits for birds. Safe for...
  • The BirdCare Company Calicboost Powder For Water

    The Birdcare Company

    BirdCare Co Calicboost For Water

    The Birdcare Company Calciboost For Water Calicboost is a Water Soluble Calcium For Birds BirdCare Company Calicboost Powder is a water soluble calcium supplement for breeding and growing parrots that also has Magnesium and added Vitamin D...
  • Vetafarm Calcivet Calcium For Parrots


    Vetafarm Calcivet

    Vetafarm Calcivet Calcium Supplement  Pet Bird Calcium - Pet Bird Supplements  The Best Calcium Supplements for Pet Birds and Parrots  Avian Calcium - Vetafarm  Calcivet Liquid Calcium with D3 for parrots. Vetafarm...
  • Avitech Red Palm Oil


    Avitech AviGlo

    Morning Bird Is now offering FeatherGlo To Replace Avitech AviGlo Avitech AviGlo Red Palm Oil  All Birds benefit from eating Avitech AviGlo palm oil. Help your bird's feathers look their absolute best with Avitech AviGlo Red Palm Oil! This...
  • Avitech AviFlax Gold Flax Seed


    Avitech AviFlax

    Avitech AviFlax Flax Seed for Parrots Avitech AviFlax improves the health of parrots. With Avitech AviFlax, you can give your itchy bird relief from skin irritation! This Avitech nutrition parrot supplement features golden flakes of ground organic...
  • Avitech Spirulina


    Avitech AviLina Spirulina

    Spirulina Parrot Vitamin Avitech Spirulina is a rich source of B vitamins and minerals.  Avitech AviLina Spirulina provides parrots with B complex vitamins, minerals and four forms of beta carotene to support immune system health and overall...
  • EasyBird Complete Pet Parrot Supplement

    The Birdcare Company

    Birdcare Company EasyBird Complete Pet

    Birdcare Co. EasyBird Complete Pet 300 grams Birdcare Co Complete Pet is a vitamin for parrot. BirdCare Company Easy Bird Complete Pet Supplement is a parrot vitamin and mineral supplement that fills in the gaps of parrot diets and prevents vitamin and...
  • Fussy Feeder Essentials by The BirdCare Co

    The Birdcare Company

    The BirdCare Company Fussy Feeder

    BirdCare Company Fussy Feeder Essentials  Fussy Feeder Essentials is a vitamin for water. BirdCare Company Fussy Feeder is a great supplement for parrots that are fussing for table scraps, sunflower seeds, and junk food in general. Help your...
  • Avitech Aviagra


    Avitech AviGain

    Avitech AviGain Parrot Supplement Avitech AviGain Weight Gain Supplement For Birds Avitech AviGain Parrot Supplement helps underweight parrots reach a healthy weight without worries about overfeeding. Perfectly balanced, this easy-to-use Avitech...
  • Avitech AviVera Aloe Spray


    Avitech AviVera Aloe

    Morning Bird Is Now Offering Aloe Bird Spray To Replace Avitech AviVera  Avitech AviVera Aloe Spray for Parrots Avitech AviVera Aloe For Feather Plucking Aloe is a well known natural antiseptic, analgesic and styptic. A light spray of...
  • Avitech Cal-D Solve Calcium/Magnesium


    Avitech Cal-D

    Avitech Cal-D Solve Parrot Supplement 8oz Calcium is essential to keeping a parrot's beak, nails and bones strong and healthy, and Avitech Cal-D Solve Parrot Supplement helps to ensure that adult birds are getting enough of this vital nutrient. The...
  • Daily Essentials 1 by The Birdcare Company

    The Birdcare Company

    The BIrdCare Company Daily Essentials 1

    BirdCare Company Daily Essentials 1 Daily Essentials 1 is a water soluble vitamins for birds. BirdCare Company Daily Essentials 1 is a water soluble mineral and multi-vitamin daily supplement for parrots and exotic birds. BirdCare Company Daily...
  • Avitech AviPow Anitfugal


    Avitech AviPow

    Avitech AviPow Antifugal Parrot Supplement Use AviPow to treat candida, fungus, and yeast. Avitech AviPow Antifugal Parrot Supplement is a natural supplement for birds plagued by yeast, fungus and candida infections. The Avitech nutrition experts have...
  • The BirdCare Co Daily Essentials 2

    The Birdcare Company

    The BirdCare Co Daily Essentials 2

    Birdcare Company Daily Essentials 2  Daily Essentials 2 is a concentrated water soluble vitamins. BirdCare Company Daily Essentials 2 is a super concentrated and water soluble daily parrot supplement. BirdCare Company Daily Essentials 2 contains...