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Pluckers Diet

Pluckers’ Diet and Regimen

For over preeners, plucker, twiddlers, shredders, scissorers.

Remove from the Diet all the following items.

All Pellets forever more. Spirulina, Soy, Corn, Sweet Potato, Wheat, Peanuts, and anything with sugar added.

Add to Diet.

Raw Fruit & Orange veggies.
Organic raw veggies: leafy greens (no spinach and no chard, few beet tops)
Greens added on top of the wet foods with the supplements.
Organic Grains presoaked and cooked, presoaked and sprouted.
Legumes: peas, lentils, beans: all presoaked, drained, rinsed well and cooked.
Only whole grain pasta no wheat.
Powdered Alfalfa leaf, Powdered Barley Grass, Powdered rotation daily.
Ground organic Flax Seed use a coffee mill.....grind fine: dust over wet food daily.
A good clean seed mix (Goldenfeast)

Daily soaking baths at least 20 minutes daily of fresh air and direct light (not through a window) when climatically feasible.

Also: there is a spray you can make up, to help relieve itching when new feathers are coming in,
1 TBS. Hylands Calendula spray
1 Tsp. chickweed extract-non alcohol or add a few drops boiling water  to evaporate alchohol: put into
2 cups water, keep in fridge up to one week. Remember to relieve itching, you need to spray on the skin, not
feathers that keep skin dry.

Also itching is a symptom and rather than  continually applying relief, the reason should be sought.

This reginmen does work.......if the bird has been thoroughly gone over and tests run by a really good avian vet and the bird declared healthy. It takes a good six months.....three before you start to see improvement. What damage is done in a short time takes MUCH longer to repair....
but repair it does.

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