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Polly's Tooty Fruity Parrot Perches

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Polly's Tooty Fruity Parrot Perches and parrot stands, like our Polly's Tooty Fruity Parrot Perches, are important parts of an exotic pet bird’s environment. But one simple perch won’t provide the benefits that a variety of parrot perches and parrot stands can. Exotic pet birds and pet parrots need different shapes and sizes of perches and stands for exercise and foot health, as well as adding interest to their environment. Parrot Perches can be uniform in shape – circular, rectangular, or oval – and come in a variety of sizes like our Polly's Tooty Fruity Parrot Perches. Exotic Bird owners should purchase the size that is designed for their pet bird. Irregular shaped perches are usually made of branches, which simulate a more natural habitat. Perches that offer stimulation, like our Polly's Tooty Fruity Parrot Perches, make a great addition to any environment. Rope perch and other flexible types of perches give exotic pet birds and parrots a different type of surface to hop onto, and swings provide exercise and fun. Having a stand for a exotic pet bird or parrot to use outside of the cage is also recommended. It is a safe spot for your pet bird to observe and participate in fun activities. Shower perches are great for bathing pet birds and parrots or allowing them to enjoy the humidity of the bathroom when showering. Shower perches can also be attached to a window. Perches with coarse surfaces are beneficial for nail and beak conditioning, but shouldn’t be the only type of perch provided for your pet bird or parrot. These surfaces can be too rough on a bird’s feet if they have to spend long periods of time on them.Exotic Pet Birds and Parrots are naturally curious creatures, and will want to have a variety of vantage points to keep their eye on what’s going on, as well as comfortable and safe places to rest and sleep. Perches and stands, like our Polly's Tooty Fruity Parrot Perches also create an environment that encourages activity. All of these factors add to the health and well-being of any exotic pet bird and parrot.

Parrot Perches - Polly's Tooty Fruity w/Bee Pollen 

Parrot Perch with Bee Pollen Perch with Calcium.

Edible Parrot Perches

Bird Perches small to medium

The Secret Of Bee Pollen Bee pollen collected by bees horn the blooms of flowering plants. Bee pollen is one of nature's most concentrated broad spectrum sources of nutrients Because pollen a the reproductive spore of plants, it IS nutrient rich containing a diverse supply of natural hormones & active enzymes. Pollen is a great source of free amino acids, essential fatty acids which includes the Omega3 fatty acids, and carbohydrates Packed with vitamins and minerals easily absorbed by your bird Bee pollen can be a powerful supplement for your bird Polly's Tooty Fruity is also an incredible source of calcium. Calcium is needed for strong bones, proper muscle functions and egg development.

Small - 5 Inches x 1 - 1 1/4" Diameter
Medium - 8 1/4 Inches x 1 1/2" Diameter

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein min 1.0%
Crude Fat min 0.1%
Crude Fiber max .2%
Moisture max 18.0%
Calcium min 10%

All of our Parrot Perches and Bird Perches for parrots including the Polly's Tooty Fruity w/Bee Pollen Parrot Perch are chosen with the health and happiness of your pet bird in mind. Parrot Perches are important  and need to be the right size for every bird. Birds need at least three different sizes of perches to keep their feet healthy. Our large selection of Large Bird Perches and Parrot Perches will make it easy for you to find the right size to keep your birds happy. We also carry Shower Perches for Birds If you have any questions pertaining to Small Bird Toys to Large Parrot Toys or what toys are safe for what birds, please call us at 1-855-Pet-Bird 

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All Parrot Products Parrot Shop was founded on the belief that buying the right Parrot Supplies weather you need Small Bird Toy to Large Bird Perches shopping for your feathered friend should be a fun an easy experience. 

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