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If you are feeding a seed diet insufficiency in supplements will happen. A decent egg food contains animal proteins, minerals, amino acids, lysine, and methionine.  Quiko bird products are recognized by breeders all over the globe due to their extensive experience in keeping, breeding, and exhibiting birds for over 30 years. Quicko bird products are guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality. Quiko uses only the finest fresh ingredients and ensures their packaging is kept fresh via their vacuum sealed protection process. They pride themselves on keeping you, the end customer, their number one priority. 

We offer a very large selection of Eggfood and Egg Food products. All of our Quiko Products and Eggfood For Birds make a great add on to any parrot diet. Our large selection of Quiko and Egg Foods will make it easy for you to find the right product to supplement your birds diet to keep your birds happy. If you have any questions pertaining to Quiko Products or which Eggfood is best for what birds, please call us at 1-855-Pet-Bird AllParrotProducts.com   

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  • Quiko Beta Carotene 100 grams


    Quiko Beta Carotene

    Quiko Beta Carotene 100 grams Quiko Beta Carotene has 12 vitamins, Beta Carotene and Dextrose. For naturally red coloring and color intensifying of Canaries, Bullfinches, Cardinals, Hardbills etc. Quikon Beta Carotin contains a high percentage...
  • Quiko Bianco Eggfood


    Quiko Bianco Eggfood

    Quiko Bianco Eggfood 1 Kg Rearing and food for all white and mosaic canaries. Contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the successful rearing of all types of birds. Directions Quiko Bianco should be moistened with a little cold water to a...
  • Quiko Canthaxantin


    Quiko Canthaxantin

    MSRP: $31.00
    Quiko Canthaxantin 50 grams Quiko Color Intensity For Canaries Canthaxantin contains 12 vitamins, Beta Carotene and Dextrose. To accentuate the red coloring and the color intensity of Canaries, Siskins etc. Quiko Canthaxantin contains a high percentage...
  • Quiko Classic Eggfood


    Quiko Classic Eggfood

    $12.95 - $57.95
    Quiko Classic Eggfood For Birds Quiko Eggfood - Classic Egg Food For Small to Large Pet Birds Quiko Classic Rearing and Conditioning food for all birds. Quiko Eggfood Contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the successful rearing of all...
  • Quiko Special Red Eggfood


    Quiko Egg Food Special Red

    $7.95 - $79.95
    Quiko Red Eggfood Eggfood for red-factor Canaries Quiko Egg Food For Birds Contains Canthaxantin-Carophyll Due to the quality and consistency of the ingredients and raw materials in this food, Quiko Special is the ideal rearing food for canaries. Quiko...
  • Quiko Eggfood for Finches


    Quiko Eggfood Finches

    $12.95 - $65.95
    Eggfood for Finches by Quiko  Quiko - Egg Food For Finches  Ingredients: Egg Biscuit (Whole Egg, Wheat Flour, Sugar) Honey, Dehulled Soybean Meal, White Millet, Niger Thistle, Vitamin A Palitate, Vitamin A Acetate, Cholecalciferol,...
  • Quiko Goldy Eggfood


    Quiko Goldy

    Quiko Goldy 400 grams Quiko Goldy for Softbills and other birds eating soft food.  Quiko Eggfood For Birds  Quiko Eggfood - Goldy  A pure, natural product with extra insects, anteggs and honey. It should be fed daily, alone or with...
  • Quiko Canthaxantin


    Quiko Med

    MSRP: $18.95
    Quiko Med 30 grams Quiko Med Immune Support Quiko Med Powder is a pure biological product with no known side effects for aviary birds and doves. Quiko Med is an insoluble powder additive. It is mixed with solid food and administered orally. It...
  • Quiko Moulting Egg Food  Quiko Moulting Egg Food Supplement Enhances Vibrant Feather Formation During Moulting For All Pet Birds. This parrot food supplement provides added protein and vitamins.  It is made from crumbled Dried Egg, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Honey, Dehulled Soybean Meal and more. Protein not less than 16.5%, Fat not less than 8%, Fiber not more than 3.5%, Moisture not more than 11%. 5 Oz. A Protein-rich crumbled egg supplement and nutritional support for moulting birds of all sizes. Made with real egg, Quiko Moulting Egg Food Supplement supplies your companion with a boost of important protein, amino acids, and key vitamins that are helpful to birds during times of moulting. Eggs are an excellent source of amino acids (the building blocks of protein), and are a food favored by most birds. Pet Birds of all sizes will love digging in to this healthy and delicious egg treat!   Quiko Moulting Egg Food Supplement is preferred by pet parrots such as African Grey, Cockatoo, Cockatiel, Conure, Canary, Lovebirds, Macaws, Finch, Parakeets.  It is high in protein and is helps calm your pet bird in times of moulting, breeding, and high stress.


    Quiko Moulting Egg Food

    MSRP: $5.05
    Quiko Moulting Egg Food 5 Oz  Quiko Eggfood For Pet Birds When Moulting  Our egg food supplement is a protein rich supplement for moulting parrots.  Quiko Moulting Egg Food Stress Aid Formula offers crumbled egg supplement and...
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    Quikon Intensive contains Canthaxantin


    Quiko Red Intensive

    MSRP: $18.00
    Now: $16.95
    Was: $19.95
    Color Intensive Red By Quiko  Quiko Color Intensify For Red Birds. Quiko Red Intensive Canthaxantin Quikon Intensive contains Canthaxantin (Carophyll) and many vitamins and can be given either in the drinking water or mixed with the rearing food...
  • Quiko Rusk


    Quiko Rusk

    $12.95 - $49.95
    Quiko Rusk Egg Food  Quiko Rusk Egg Food is good for all type of pet birds. This baking process greatly increases its absorbency. Quiko Rusk retains moisture. When it is added to other soft foods it helps to keep the mixture moist and fresh. It is...
  • Quiko Song Egg Food  When pet birds and parrots need extra protein and vitamins in their diet, Quiko Song Egg Food is the solution. Made with real egg, this pet bird food dietary supplement provides your companion with a boost of protein, amino acids, and key vitamins that support overall health and well-being. It's the healthy parrot food and pet bird food of choice.  Feed this healthy canary food supplement at just the right protien to give an energy boost to your favorite bird.  It is also used  to supplement your bird food in times of stress such as moulting, breeding, or an environmental change for your pet bird.  All pet birds in the parrot bird family enjoy crumbled real egg protein supplement.  
It is the best parrot food whether you pet bird is an African Grey, cockatiel, conure, Macaw, parakeet, finch, lovebird, canary, or a cockatoo.  Some bird owners feed  Quiko Song Egg Food (36029) supplement during breeding on a regular bases. Made with real, dried egg Adds variety and useful nutrients to your bird's diet Contains Vitamins A, B12, D3, E, and biotin Ideal for times of stress, molting, and environmental change


    Quiko Song Egg Food

    MSRP: $4.95
    Quiko Song Egg Food 5 Oz Egg Food For Canaries Canary Food - Eggfood Beautiful Song Formula Amino Acids Energy Boost Vitamins A, D, E, B12 & Biotin Product of Germany Ingredients: Dried Egg, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Honey, Dehulled Soybean Meal,...
  • Quiko Special Eggfood for Canaries


    Quiko Special Eggfood

    $12.95 - $65.95
    Quiko Special Eggfood for Canaries Egg Food For Canaries Quiko Eggfood Special Quiko Special is the ideal rearing food for canaries. Quiko Special should be moistened with a little cold water to a moist, crumbly texture. Feed daily, when rearing young...
  • Quikon Yellow Intensive


    Quiko Yellow Intensive

    Quikon Yellow Intensive 100 g To intensify the yellow coloring of all birds with the yellow factor. Quikon Yellow-Intensive prevents fading in the yellow feathers. Can be given either in the drinking water or mixed with the rearing food.
  • Quiko Carrot


    Quiko Carrot

    MSRP: $62.00
    Quiko Carrot 5 Kg The ideal food supplement for Quiko Rearing Food Variety is the spice of life. Offering a varied diet is a great way of increasing appetites and avoiding boredom. European bird breeders have used the concept of daily diet variation...