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Roudybush Senior Diet

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Roudybush Senior Diet Small Pellets

Roudybush Senior Diet Small 44 Oz

This diet is specially formulated to meet the needs of pet birds that may benefit from a diet that is higher in calcium, vitamins, trace minerals, and protein such as older birds, African Greys, and weaning chicks. Do not give additional vitamin or mineral supplements. Fresh fruit and vegetable treats may be given as a minor part of the diet. Not sure if this is the right diet for your bird? Consult your avian veterinarian before switching your bird to Senior Diet as the higher calcium, vitamin, trace mineral, and protein levels may not be appropriate for all birds.

Medium Senior Diet Pictured

Nutrient Composition
Protein ... 16.0%
Fat ... 6.0%
Fiber ... 3.0%
Moisture ... 12.0%

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