The BirdCare Co Enviroclens

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The Birdcare Company EnviroClens

Birdcare Company EnviroClens Concentrate 1000mls 1Litter

EnviroClens has a pleasant smell, and biodegradable.

EnviroClens a world leader, cleaner/disinfectant. Kills fungi, yeasts and viruses as well as bacteria. Very safe. EnviroClens is a concentrate, mix with water. Can be used safely for a broad range of cleaning requirements.

Features: Kills fungi, yeasts, and viruses as well as bacteria. Very safe, pleasant smell, non-corrosive and totally biodegradable.

Dilution Rates:

1:100 - 5 mls (1 teaspoon) to 500 mls (1 pint) water.
1:50 10 mls (2 teaspoons) to 500 mls (1 pint) water.

Pack sizes: 100ml, 500ml, 1 litre.
Active ingredients: Halogenated tertiary amines.
Shelf life: Normally 20-24 months undiluted. Diluted 6-12 months.

For Freshness & Safety of all Parrots BirdCare Products will  be shipped direct from The BirdCare Company. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks delivery.

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