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Versele-Laga Prestige Exotic Nuts

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Versele-Laga Prestige Exotic Nuts 1.3 Lb is a special treat for your pet bird by  There are parrots, and among the parrot species including parakeets, macaws, cockatoos and amazons love eating Loro Parque Blue-headed Parrot  Burrowing parrot Eclectus parrot Rainbow lorikeet Alexandrine parakeet Crimson-bellied parakeet Green-cheeked parakeet Blue-winged parakeet Grey-headed parakeet Rose-ringed parakeet Blue-headed macaw Red-fronted macaw Golden-collared macaw Scarlet macaw Great green macaw Blue-and-yellow macaw Chestnut-fronted macaw Hyacinth macaw Red-bellied macaw Sulphur-crested cockatoo  White cockatoo Salmon-crested cockatoo Blue-eyed cockatoo Gang-gang cockatoo Palm cockatoo Yellow-tailed black cockatoo Yellow-crowned amazon Red-spectacled amazon Red-lored amazon Blue-cheeked amazon Maroon-fronted parrot Kea  his mix of selected grains turns into a feast through the addition of delicious unshelled whole nuts, which Parrots simply enjoy spending their time breaking into for their special bird food treat.

Prestige Exotic Nuts DM 1.3 Lb

Versele-Laga Prestige Exotic Nuts treat for small to large birds.

Prestige Exotic Nuts is a great treat that has almonds, walnuts, pecans, grains & seeds. A healthy treat that all birds will love..

Feeding Instructions
Provide freely, refresh regularly. Always supply fresh drinking water.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (min.) 9.0%
Crude Fat (min.) 18.0%
Crude Fiber (max.) 14.5%
Moisture (max.) 14.0%

Sunflower seed, tree nuts (*May contain one or more of the following; almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts), hulled oats,barley, oats, peanuts, expanded wheat, dried banana, sorghum, corn, pine nuts, buckwheat, hulled peanuts, safflower seed, dried raisins, shelled pumpkin seeds, expanded corn, chili peppers, dried papaya

Allergen information: contains peanuts and/or other tree nuts, wheat products.


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