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Versele Laga Prestige

 Versele-Laga Prestige Bird Food For All Pet Birds

Versele-Laga is an international manufacturer of premium bird food and pet products for over 80 years.

Prestige Premium Bird Food is a traditional seed mix that provides a great basis for a healthy diet for your parrot. It is full of top quality seeds and grains that contain many of the nutrients your pet bird needs for a shiny plumage and a long and healthy life.

Prestige pet bird food consists of varied of seed mixes, and grains. From Parakeet seed mixes to Macaw food all found in their natural habitat.
Versele Laga works closely with  Welt Vogel Park  &  Loro Parque in developing new products. We provide financial support to both projects and the animals are fed with our products. In addition, you can also contribute by buying the products displaying one of their logos. For each unit sold, we will pay an additional contribution to these beautiful projects.

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