Vetafarm Megabac-S

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Vetafarm Megabac-S

Vetafarm Megabac-S 

Water soluble treatment for megabacteria in birds.

The active ingredient within Megabac S is not absorbed from the gut treatment of the affected bird is completely safe.

A unique medication that allows in-water treatment of affected flocks. Avoid direct sunlight on medicated water and keep powder refrigerated. May also be used for the treatment of Candida infections in ornamental birds.

Not all infected birds shed the organism in their droppings, so false negative tests do occur. The most accurate method of diagnosis is the Gram stain of the pro-ventricular mcosa at necropsy. Avian veterinarians and pathology laboratories can perform this test.

Treatment time is normally 10 days, during this time no other water source should be offered. For treatment in wet cold or foggy weather, birds must be housed indoors. Treated water should be changed daily. Protect treated water from sunlight. The preferred method is to use the Vetafarm UV protected medication drinker. The Medication drinker also allows the water intake to be monitored. If a particular bird is not consuming the expected amount of water ( 6 mLs per 100 gm Body Weight ) then the concentration of the medication must be increased accordingly.

When treating any disease, hygiene and disinfection are critical to the treatment success. All cages and aviaries should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with Avi- Safe during the treatment period..

Active Constituents: 20g/Kg Amphotericin.

Directions Mix enclosed 600mg scoop with 4 ounces of water (120ml). Dose Rate - Mix 250 mg in 50 mLs of distilled or purified water. 5 g makes 1 liter. 25 g makes 5 L.
Treat for 10 days.

Storage & Availability Megabac S must be stored in the original Vetafarm air tight container at less than 25°C. Avoid exposure of the powder to light for extended periods. Best if kept in fridge.

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