Vetafarm Ronivet 12

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Vetafarm Ronivet 12%

Vetafarm Ronivet 12%

Ronivet 12% for finches, canaries, and gouldians.

 Ronidazole 12% Safe treatment for trichomonas, hexamita, giardia, and cochlosoma.

Ronivet for Gouldians, Finches, & Canaries 12% is double the strength of Ronivet-S and is effective for use with finches, canaries and has good effects with gouldian finches.

May be used at all stages of the breeding cycle. Will not cause infertility or in-coordination.

Cochlosoma: Treat all breeders for 7 days prior to breeding season. Treat all young for 7 days after fledging.

Hexamita and Giardia: Treat for 7 days as indicated by your veterinarian.

Administration: Mix Ronivet 12% with clean tap water. Dissolve powder completely. Made up Ronivet 12% solution may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Empty and refill drinking water containers with medication daily. Remove all other sources of water during treatment.

Enclosed level measure holds approximately ¼ of a teaspoon.


1 teaspoon per gallon of fresh drinking water for 7 days when disease (Trichomoniasis) is present. Treat parent for 7 days prior to joining, then medicate for 7-21 days when young birds hatch. Mix fresh solution daily. Remove all other water sources when treating.

Ingredients Ronidazole 12%

Guaranteed Analysis Ronidazole 12%

Storage & Availability
Store below 30°C (room temperature).

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