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Vetafarm is a leading company in the pet bird world and also a supplier to zoos and animal sanctuaries worldwide. All products are made with the most highly effective ingredients and with the highest safety standards in the industry. You can trust Vetafarm products for the best supplements for your parrot.

Please make a note: The Vetafarm products should only be measured by the spoons included with the purchase. The spoons are equal to the grams stated on the product label and they are measure in weight, not volume. No other measuring device should ever be used unless it is calibrated with scales. The products all have a different weight, example: A spoon of feathers is lighter than a spoon of lead. All of our syringes are in mls.

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Complications After Egg Binding - Solution: Calcivet, Spark
Dehydration in Birds - Solution: Spark

Emergency First Aid for Birds - Solution: Poly-Aid Plus
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Vitamins for Birds - Why Should I Give Vitamins to my birds? 

Chart Of What Vetafarm Products Can Be Used Together. 

Along with a healthy parrot food diet, parrots also need to maintain the amount of vitamins and nutrients their food may be lacking.   

Vetafarm Pet Bird Supplements and Vetafarm Fertility Booster are a great way to incorporate the vitamins and nutrients that their food may be lacking. At All Parrot Products we believe in helping your pet bird or parrot live a long and healthier life through proper nutrition. In our products you will find an extensive assortment of pet bird and parrot supplements, vitamins and parrot breeding supplements. We want to ensure that your feathered companion is receiving the best nutrition possible.  

Everyone at All Parrot Products wants your pet bird and parrot as healthy as possible. Shop with us for a variety of supplements like our pet bird and parrot vitamins, liquid vitamins for both pet birds and parrots, and mineral blocks for birds and avian calcium supplements. We have a very large selection of calcium supplements for birds, calcium powder, liquid calcium for pet birds, and bird calcium blocks including mineral blocks for your pet birds.   

Our feathered companions may be predisposed to conditions that lead them to having deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Some parrots and pet birds are also picky eaters - meaning that their diet may not be as well rounded as you thought. This is why we have a wonderful and extensive selection of vitamins, minerals and more for your pet bird or parrot.   

Why should I consider supplements for my parrots and pet birds?    

  • Proper nutrition will help your pet bird or parrot live a long and full life 
  • Lack of calcium can lead to weaknesses and deformation in long bones 
  • Lack of calcium in parrots and pet birds can lead to bone fractures 
  • Supplements and vitamins help your pet birds and parrots who are predisposed to absorption problems
  • Increased fertility and improved hardness of eggshells 
  • With parrot supplements and vitamins you will see improved feather growth, condition and color
  • You will see a stronger immune system
  • When on vitamins and supplements pet birds and parrots have a higher resistance to parasites, bacteria and viral infection    

When on vitamins and supplements pet birds and parrots have a higher resistance to parasites, bacteria and viral infection All of our healthy parrot supplements and vitamins are made with the health and well-being of your pet bird in mind. Our selection of parrot and pet bird vitamins and supplements will aid in an improved immune system, stronger bones and a healthier parrot. Make sure to check out all that we have to offer your pet birds and parrots as well as our extensive selection of parrot food, parrot toys and more!  

If you have any questions pertaining to which pet bird supplement or parrot vitamins will be the best for your feathered friend, please call us at 1-855-Pet-Bird 

All Parrot Products Parrot Shop offers the largest selection of parrot vitamins & parrot supplements from The Birdcare Company, Avitech, Vetafarm, Nekton, Abba , and Quiko.  Low price match guarantee on Vetafarm products.

  • Vetafarm Insecta-Pro

    Vetafarm Insecta Pro


    Vetafarm Insecta-Pro 450 g Insecta-Pro is formulated to take the mess and guesswork out of keeping and breeding insect eating birds. Using the technology of food extrusion, Insecta-Pro incorporates the best protein from a range of sources to create a...
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  • Vetafarm Calcivet Calcium For Parrots

    Vetafarm Calcivet


    Vetafarm Calcivet Calcium Supplement  Pet Bird Calcium - Pet Bird Supplements  The Best Calcium Supplements for Pet Birds and Parrots  Avian Calcium - Vetafarm  Calcivet Liquid Calcium with D3 for parrots. Sorry out of...
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  • Vetafarm Coccivet Treatment For Birds With Coccidiosis

    Vetafarm Coccivet


    Vetafarm Coccivet 50 Mls For Pet Birds - Coccidiosis Treatment for Birds  Pet Bird Medicine - Medications Birds   Pet Parrot Medicine - Medication Parrots  Vetafarm Treatment For Coccidiosis In Birds Coccidiosis treatment...
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  • Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus

    Vetafarm Poly-Aid


      Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus 40 Grams - Pet Bird Supplement  Vetafarm Poly-Aid Plus is First Aid In A Bottle for birds.  Pet Bird Supplement for Sick Birds & Parrots Vetafarm Poly-Aid Emergency Nutrition For Sick Birds All sick birds...
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  • Vetafarm Probotic Re-Establishes The Natural Gut Flora After Infections.

    Vetafarm Probotic


    Vetafarm Probotics For Pet Birds & Parrots Pet Bird Supplement Probotics - Avian Probotics Pet Bird Medicine - Pet Bird Medication Bird Probotics Re-Establishes the Natural Gut Flora. Sorry Out Of Stock Try Morning Bird Probotic  Parrot...
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  • Vetafarm Ronivet-S

    Vetafarm Ronivet-S 6


    Ronivet - 6% Parrot Safe Ronidazole - Giardia Treatment for Birds Pet Bird Medicine - Medications Birds - Avian Medicine  Medication For Larger Pet Birds  Treatment For Trichomoniasis, Hexamitiasis and Giardiasis in Pet...
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  • Vetafarm Ronivet 12%

    Vetafarm Ronivet 12


    Vetafarm Ronivet 12% Safe Ronidazole - Giardia Treatment for Birds  Ronivet 12% for finches, canaries, and gouldians.  Pet Bird Medicine - Medications Birds - Avian Medicine  Treatment For Trichomoniasis, Hexamitiasis and...
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  • Vetafarm Breeding Aid

    Vetafarm Breeding Aid


    Vetafarm Breeding Aid - Avain Fertility  Booster - Breeding Aid Parrots Breeding Aid Birds - Breeding Supplements For Birds & Parrots Vetafarm Fertility Booster -  Birds Breeding Medicines Vetafarm Breeding Aid increase the number...
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  • Vetafarm Moulting Aid

    Vetafarm Moulting Aid


      Vetafarm Moulting Aid For Pet Birds Moulting Aid Vitamins For Pet Birds  Pet Bird  Moulting Supplement For Bird & Parrots Pet Bird Supplement for Moulting  Multivet is a multivitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement...
  • Vetafarm Doxyvet  Broad Spectrum Antibiotic

    Vetafarm Doxyvet


      Vetafarm Doxyvet Liquid - Pet Bird Medicine - Antibiotics Birds Medications Birds - Antibiotics Parrots - Vetafarm Doxyvet Doxyvet Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Liquid for Birds. Doxyvet Liquid - Pet Parrot Medicine - Medication...
  • Vetafarm Megabac-S 25 grams

    Vetafarm Megabac-S


    Vetafarm Megabac-S 25 Gram - Pet Bird Medicine - Antibiotics Birds  Water Soluble Treatment for Megabacteria in Pet Birds.   Medications Birds - Antibiotics Parrots   Pet Parrot Medicine - Medication Parrots The active...
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  • Vetafarm Psittavet for Treatment of Psittacasis in Parrots

    Vetafarm Psittavet


    $16.95 - $132.95
      Vetafarm Psittavet Treatment for Psittacasis in Parrots Pet Bird Medicine - Antibiotics Birds - Psittacasis Treatment  Medications Birds - Medication Parrots  Doxycycline Hydrochloride For Birds Water soluble powder for the...
    $16.95 - $132.95