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Vetafarm USA High Quality Supplements for Pet Birds

Vetafarm is a leading company in the pet bird world and also a supplier to zoos and animal sanctuaries worldwide. All products are made with the most highly effective ingredients and with the highest safety standards in the industry. You can trust Vetafarm products for the best supplements for your parrot.

Please make a note: The Vetafarm products should only be measured by the spoons included with the purchase. The spoons are equal to the grams stated on the product label and they are measure in weight, not volume. No other measuring device should ever be used unless it is calibrated with scales. The products all have a different weight, example: A spoon of feathers is lighter than a spoon of lead. All of our syringes are in mls.

Avian Insect Control - Solution: Avian Insect Liquidator (AIL)
Bird Health Program- Solution: Aviclens, Avisafe, Avian Insect Liquidator (AIL), Wormout Gel, Ronivet-S
Canker: A New Answer to an Old Problem - Solution: Ronivet-S
Complications After Egg Binding - Solution: Calcivet, Spark
Dehydration in Birds - Solution: Spark

Emergency First Aid for Birds - Solution: Poly-Aid Plus
Feather Plucking - Solutions: Soluvet, Moulting Aid
Feeding for Breeding - Why Protein is Misunderstood and much more about feeding your birds. New
Megabacteria - A Review of the Literature
Megabacteriosis - Investigations into Megabacteriosis
Poly-Aid Plus: The Mainstay of First Aid in Birds
Psittacosis - Myths and Misconceptions
Psittacosis - Questions and Answers
Recognising Signs of Illness
Scaly Face Mites - Solution: Scatt
The Moult - A Delicate Process - Solution: Moulting Aid
Tracemin Soluble - For Your Moulting Bird
Vitamins for Birds - Why Should I Give Vitamins to my birds?


Chart Of What Vetafarm Products Can Be Used Together.


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