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Volkman Eggfood

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Volkman Parrot Food Featherglow Gourmet Eggfood

Volkman Featherglow Eggfood 1lb

Featherglow Avian Diets are among the world's finest nutritional mixes formulated expressly for pet birds. A protein-rich egg mix to enhance avian health and strength for Nestling, Breeding, Rearing, Molting and Conditioning.

Volkman Eggfood Feeding Directions Feed freely in a separate dish or sprinkle over normal diet. Water or juice may be used to lightly moisten the mixture. Nutritious and palatable for all birds.

Store in a cool dry place and refrigerate for extended freshness.

Ingredients Yellow Bread Crumbs, Flax Seed, Soybean Meal, Sunflower Chips, Steel Cut Oat Chips, Nyjer Seed, Hulled Millet, Hemp Seed, Canary Grass Seed, Canola Rape Seed, Poppy Seed, Mineral Mix and Orange Oil.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min) ... 15%
Crude Fat (min) ... 6%
Crude Fiber (max) ... 3%



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