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Volkman Seed

Volkman Seed Is A Fortified Diet For All Birds

The Volkman Electus parrot food is wonderful for eclectus parrots, because it does not have any added vitamins that are not absorbable by them.

An assortment of Volkman products and plenty of selection for your pet parrots and birds, Volkman also makes Birdeez Buffet, that only takes 15 minutes to make and is an awesome soak and serve parrot food that has veggies, fruit, lentils, nuts, and grains for a complete and balanced parrot diet. Volkman Fancy Soak and Simmer combines human grade beans and grains that parrots love and they are easy to make, just soak overnight and cook until the beans are soft, let them cool, and serve them to your feathered friend.

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