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Volkman Soak Simmer

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Volkman Soak & Simmer

Volkman Seeds Soak & Simmer Bird Food

Volkman Soak & Simmer Does Not Have Added Vitamins

Featherglow Soak and Simmer is the finest mix of it's kind. It provides your birds with a broad variety of nutritious ingredients at an unbeatable price.

Soak in cold water overnight; drain and rinse. Add one-part mix to two parts boiling water; return to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer covered. Cook until beans are tender, stirring occasionally. Drain and cool before serving.

Soybeans, Brown Paddy Rice, Bean Mix (Trapper Peas, Pinto Beans, White Northern Beans, Small Red Beans, Baby Green Lima Beans, Blackeye Peas, Red Kidney Beans, Black Turtle Beans, Alaskan Green Peas#, Wheat, Popcorn, Oat Groats, Pearl Barley, Small Yellow Corn, White Corn, Buckwheat, Red Lentils, Split Green Peas, Split Yellow Peas and Common Lentils.

Guaranteed Anayysis
Crude Protein min. ... 20.20%
Crude Fat min. ... 8.5%
Crude Fiber max. ... 4.3%
Ash max. ... 2.2%
Moisture max. ... 10.5%

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