Yogi's Bappy Blanket Large for Birds

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Yogi's Bappy Blanket Large for Birds
Yogi’s Bappy Blankets are hand-made with 100% “bird-friendly” material and are Machine Washable (please refer to packaging for directions) to keep your Bappy Blanket clean and safe to play with again and again. "Many children carry their comfort blankies with them to make them feel secure. Now our parrots can have their own YOGI's BAPPY BLANKET. Lorna at GONZO's GOURMET BIRDCAKES has created a soft fleece security and activity blanket which can be attached to your bird's cage or carrier. The softness of the fleece and the silkiness of the satin ribbon is sensuous to our bird's sensitive beaks. They also get a thrill from feeling the little square of Velcro that holds the patch pocket together. Yogi's Bappy Blankets are made of 100% "Bird-Safe" material and are machine-washable." Companion Parrot Quarterly - Summer 2004 Colors and patterns vary.

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